NBPA: Leslie Discusses UNC Visit

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. --- There's been little time for rest this summer for C.J. Leslie. He visited UNC earlier this week and then headed straight to the prestigious NBPA Top 100 Camp. After the camp's mid-day session Thursday, Leslie sat down to recap his Chapel Hill trip ...

You visited UNC earlier this week …

I had already seen the campus before, being that I'm close by. … It was an amazing campus to be on and Coach Williams told me what he had to offer – he's a pretty upfront guy and he's confident about the way he coaches. He told me about how he's going to coach and he gave me a tour of the school. … It was great. They showed me around and just let me know a little bit about their school.

Who went with you on that visit?

Me, my mother, my father and my uncle.

Did you get a chance to play some pickup on the visit? What was that like?

It was amazing. A lot of guys that came back, I got to play with. Raymond Felton, [Reyshawn] Terry … a lot of guys that came back from the past. It felt good to be in their presence and play against them.

Did any of your particular matchups stand out that you can remember?

Everybody was going after it. It was a great place to be. … I went against John [Henson]. He's a great player, he's very long like me, so he can definitely cause problems.

What did you learn about your visit that you didn't already know about UNC?

I already knew so much about it. Donald Williams, I played for his AAU team, and we used to practice there sometimes. There wasn't too much I didn't already know about it, being with Donald.

Were there any specifics from Roy Williams about how he's going to recruit you?

He just said he's looking forward to really studying me.

What's the status of a scholarship from them. Did they explain that on the visit?

The thing with that is, Roy … if I was to go ahead and be ready to commit now, then he said it'd be a different thing, but he just really wants to study me. But if I wanted to lock it down now, I basically could do that.

When comparing schools, what do you think are the biggest pros about UNC?

It has a lot of history, as far as winning championships and a lot of people have gone to the next level with their program and have had a lot of success with that.

And then on the other side, what do you see as the negatives in evaluating UNC?

… No negatives, no negatives.

Where are you at right now with regards to your recruitment?

I'm just loving the attention right now -- really liking getting out and seeing campus and what other schools have to offer.

Where else do you think you'll visit this summer?

I'm not sure yet. I haven't really narrowed it down, but there will be some more unofficials.

What schools are on the potential list for those visits?

Florida, Maryland, Kentucky definitely, Wake Forest definitely and that's it for right now.

Who is recruiting you the hardest right now?

Well, I haven't really narrowed it down, so that's something I have to do this summer – narrow it down.

Talking about your game, what are you focusing on improving to get you ready for the next level?

Being a basketball player this young, I have a lot to improve on. I can improve on everything I do and I just want to keep improving and enjoying it.

You were at the this [NBPA] camp last year, how has your game changed and improved during that span?

I feel like I'm a leader now. Being a leader, you have to step your game up. And if you want to be a great player in this game, and be a leader it's either ‘get up or get down,' that's how I like to put it.

Is there a player you're trying to model your game after?

I like to watch Kevin Garnett a lot. I like the energy he brings and he's definitely a leader on his team. I have watched every Youtube video of him. I really study him to see how he does things.

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