UNC-ASU (G2): Postgame Quotes + Audio

OMAHA, Neb. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Mike Fox, Dustin Ackley and Garrett Gore, as well as Arizona State head coach Pat Murphy and his players, following Thursday's 12-5 loss to the Sun Devils at Rosenblatt Stadium.

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Opening statement:
"I'm not going to apologize for how long it took us to get up here because it was the last time for me to be in the locker room with the guys I love. Getting to Omaha four years in a row is unbelievable. Congratulations to Arizona State, they deserve to win. I've had the most fun this year, it's been a great year."

Did you think about sending Alex White into pitch?
"No. The only way I would have used Alex White tonight would have been in the ninth inning, maybe to save the game. This was his normal bullpen day, generally where he throws about 25-30 pitches, pretty much at a 100 percent. But once we got down by two runs -- the boy's got too big of a future ahead of him. That wouldn't have been a smart thing to do."

On what happened in the seventh inning:
"It was just one of those innings. We couldn't find the strike zone. I feel bad, our guys were trying. We opened the door for a good team. We dodged bullets during the first few innings, but couldn't recover in the seventh."


On ending each of his three seasons at the CWS:
"For me, I just came in as a freshman trying to get a job starting anywhere on the field. It was a great ride. To end it on a stage like this was incredible."


On ending each of his four seasons at the CWS:
"For myself I came in just wanting to play. I winded up here four years in a row. People here treat you great. It was an unbelievable experience for me. It was definitely an experience I could not imagine -- to end it in one of the best places in baseball."

On the locker room after the game:
"A bunch of us spoke and thanked each other for the friendships along the way. I couldn't ask for better teammates along the way. We tried to keep the tears from coming, but it was tough."




Opening statement:
"We're very proud to have competed against North Carolina. The competition we had against them was sensational both games we played them. We don't have much time to recuperate (before facing Texas), but we're looking forward to the opportunity to compete. "

On facing Texas:
"We're honored and grateful to be in this position. We'll think about them tomorrow. Texas is a tremendous baseball program, they've played great, they beat us last game, so we'll have our work cut out for us."


On his performance at the plate:
"I don't know what to say, I just get up there and hit, I'm just excited to hit right now."


On how he was feeling and if he was tired pitching on three days rest:
"I wouldn't say I was tired, I got caught up in the moment when I gave up that three-spot. I'm blessed to have such a poised coaching staff and such a poised catcher to keep me in line and get me back on track."


On Spence's performance:
"He went out there right before the game and said, 'What am I doing?' I said, 'You're about to pitch,' then he said, 'But it's on three days rest.' I told him to do what you normally do. Then after we made a couple of errors I told him, this is baseball, people are going to make errors. Just keep hitting your spots and he did."

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