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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- You asked the questions, and Inside Carolina presented them to Kendall Marshall. Read what he had to say.

Who was most influential in your becoming a Tar Heel fan?

My Dad. Growing up, my Dad was a Carolina fan. You follow what your father does. It's like a family thing. With other sports we kind of splinter off, but when it comes to college basketball it is all Carolina.

What is your earliest memory with your father?

I want to say it was my sixth birthday, he bought me a full Carolina uniform and it had my name on the back. I tried to wear it every day. That is probably on of my best Carolina memories with him.

My first solid memory was watching the national championship game with Marcus [Ginyard] in 2005. I liked them before, but that is when I really started understanding basketball and deeply following it. Just getting to share that with him, knowing he was going to Carolina and watching them win a championship against Illinois was fun.

What is your understanding of the expectations of playing point guard for Coach Williams?

There is a legacy you have to uphold. He has had great point guards, and I feel honored that I am next in that line. There is tradition, the winning tradition, the greatness. I just want to be able to live up to that expectation.

What about X's and O's, what does he expect?

He definitely expects me to be able to guard the other team's point guard--that's a given--the Tyrese Rices of the league and the Jack McClintons. You have to be able to keep them in front of you. There are a lot of great players around you so you have to be able to get them involved and get them in the spots where they need it.

What single aspect of your game do you plan to focus on between now and the time you enroll at Carolina?

Single aspect? That's tough. There are two main things: 1) I definitely want to get more athletic, being able to guard and keep my [man] in front of me; 2) Also offensively I want to be able to knock down the open jump shot, the open 3-pointer on the kick-outs and being able to finish around the rim.

If you could throw an alley-oop to any UNC player present, former, or future, who would it be and why?

Without a doubt, in his prime, Vince Carter. I've heard stories about him--and the highlights--without question.

As a Carolina guy--you know there is a rivalry with Duke--are you already in the "anti-Duke" mindset?

It is kind of like a switch when you commit. It's like 'all right, I think I'm supposed to hate Duke.' But I have two best friends going to Duke so, of course, the friendships are going to be there, but you are going to love the rivalry and compete to get there.

If you could choose one player to join your recruiting class, who would it be?

In the 2010 class? Harrison Barnes. I think that would be a great backcourt to have with him, me, and Reggie [Bullock]. I think we would be very successful.

Do you know your major at Carolina yet, and have you thought about how you will use it after basketball?

I have put a little bit of thought into it. I was talking to one of my friends and guardians lately who was telling me how to speak well and that I should look into analyzing basketball and being a commentator so I will probably major in communications.

Which NBA or college player would you say your game most closely resembles?

Probably past point guard Marcus Williams. He's a left-handed guard, he did a great job getting his team involved, and I like to say I play like him.

Who is the best player you have played against?

At any level? Probably Mike Beasley.

Have you played any pickup against the current Tar Heels, and how did that go?

It is a lot of fun. We go down there, play with them, watch the football game. While I'm playing, you realize the biggest difference between high school and college players is that they are men. They are in their man bodies, and we are still developing as high school players. It is not every day you get to get dunked on by Tyler Hansbrough; it's fun.

What nickname do your friends and teammates call you?

It started probably four years ago, people started calling me 'Butter' because I'm just smooth with the ball and I'm yellow [skin toned].

What is something fans don't know about you that you think they'd find interesting?

Probably that I like playing Sudoku. It's a fun game for me to play whenever I am bored.

You mentioned the legacy of Carolina point guards earlier and how you are honored to be a part of that. What would you like for your legacy to be once you graduate?

I definitely want to leave my stamp on the program--first of all as a great guy, a guy that is fun to be around as a part of the team and the university. That I knew how to lead my team to victories. No matter what, we were a winning program throughout my four years or three years, whatever it may be, and that I just knew how to lead my team.

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