Ginyard: 'I Feel Great'

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- While so many of his teammates are now beginning their professional careers, Marcus Ginyard's focus is on one more year of college basketball.

The fifth-year senior is running pickup games, mentoring the newly arrived freshmen and coordinating team outings, as the revamped squad begins to bond.

But, most importantly, he's no longer debilitated by the foot injury.

"The foot feels good - haven't had any problems and haven't had any setbacks," Ginyard said. "Progress was obviously slow – slower than we wanted – but it's been forward progress."

The surgery performed last October on the stress fracture in his fifth left metatarsal was supposed to have him ready to go a couple months later - by the start of the ACC slate, if not sooner. Instead, Ginyard played a total of 37 minutes over three games before making the determination that he wasn't going to be able to be a valuable contributor on the floor for the 2008-09 team's run to the national championship.

Ginyard practiced with the team all the way through the Final Four, though the extent of his participation was limited by the injury and he suffered through difficult soreness after each practice. Once the season ended, however, he was able to take the key step in his recovery.

"We took a couple weeks off after the season and then got back going," Ginyard said. "I felt like I could play – I could go as hard as I wanted – and afterwards it wasn't killing me, so the end of April is when I felt like I was good to go.

"It feels very strong right now and we're continuing to rehab and strengthen my leg, but it feels good. I feel very explosive right now."

Those who have observed Ginyard in pickup games and workouts thus far this summer affirm that he appears to have returned to form.

"I think I'm about as close [to 100 percent] as you can notice," Ginyard said. "Can you notice the difference between 90 and 100 percent? I probably can't, so if I'm 90, that's like 100 to me. I feel great."

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