Seager Ready to Sign with Seattle

Inside Carolina caught up with UNC junior infielder Kyle Seager as he was completing his physical in Arizona in preparation to sign with the Seattle Mariners. Seager expects to sign before the end of the week so he can begin his professional career with the Clinton (Iowa) Lumberkings.

What was your reaction to finding out that you were drafted by the Seattle Mariners after they selected your teammate Dustin Ackley then later took Brian Moran?
"It was really exciting. When they drafted me I already knew that they drafted Dustin then they got Moran the next day - which was a real big exciting moment. This whole draft was really nice this year because we were still playing so we did not have to sit around and wait on it and we could concentrate on our season. The night of the draft I went home back home to Kannapolis - it was pretty stressful actually, sitting there with my whole family by the computer and just kind of hoping somebody would call my name and when the Mariners did I was very excited."

What was it like coming back from Omaha and shift your focus to becoming a pro?
"I did not talk with [the Mariners] before [going to] Omaha - they called the night of the draft to let me know that they drafted me but we did not do any negotiations or anything until I was done playing. I got back on the weekend and they came over to my house on Monday and talked to us about the whole process, what was going to happen and made the offer. It was really exciting sitting down with them and meeting face to face and talking about the future with the Mariners."

On that note, what plans do the Mariners have for the beginning of your professional career?
"We talked about it and they said I could play anywhere but they wanted to move me back to second base since I profiled best there. They said I could move to third or short in a pinch or something like that - but start at second base. I think they are going to start me on their low A team in Clinton, Iowa to get started with a team that has been playing for a full season - kind of get in there and start playing with them and start off there and hopefully play well and move on up."

How do you feel that your experiences at North Carolina prepared you to begin your professional career?
"I think it was absolutely pivotal for me to go to school. I thought out of high school possibly about signing and playing professionally, but I think that would have been a huge mistake. Not that I was not physically prepared but I was not really close to being mentally prepared. College absolutely matured me and prepared me in so many ways and I have so much to be thankful for - for my time at North Carolina and the coaches."

What kind of legacy do you think that your junior class and this year's senior class will leave for Tar Heel Baseball?
"I think that we set the bar - we set it pretty high - and we went to Omaha every year I was in school. I am not sure that we were the cause of this - before I got there the guys before me set the stage a little bit - but we tried to take North Carolina to a new level and feed off of what they did and we just won."

What will you miss the most about Chapel Hill?
"I love that place - I love the people and all the coaches. I had a great time all over the place, going to football games, going to basketball games, soccer games, all that stuff. Just the whole atmosphere at North Carolina. It will always be dear to my heart."

When do you expect to start your professional career?
"Right now I am in Arizona. I flew out to Seattle for a little bit more tests of my physical. Hopefully I will be out in Clinton by the end of the week."

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