UNC Among Worley's Favorites

Justin Worley, a 2011 quarterback, has attended three camps this summer. Two of those camps were hosted by North Carolina.

"Originally, I had signed up with my cousin, who's a linebacker at Charlotte Latin," Worley said. "I was just going to go with him, check everything out, and try to get some exposure to the coaches. I found out they were having a prospect camp the week before and Coach [John] Shoop said he really wanted me to be there, so I went to that one, too."

In addition to UNC, Worley has camped at Georgia. The 6-foot-4, 180-pound Rock Hill (S.C.) Northwestern product has also attended the Manning Passing Academy the past two summers.

With the campus visits and the fact that both of his parents are UNC alumni, it's not a surprise that UNC is among Worley's favorites.

"I'd say North Carolina is definitely in the top," Worley said. "Maybe not No. 1, yet, but they're up there in the top three."

Worley doesn't have a clear cut "No. 1" as he maintains an open mind for the time being.

Joining UNC on Worley's top three schools list are Georgia and LSU.

"All three of their campuses, I've at least seen some part of them and they're all similar in style," Worley said. "And [I like] just the athletic tradition at all three."

Juniors can't receive official scholarship offers until September 1. LSU has already told Worley to expect an offer on that date, while sources close to UNC say the Tar Heels will also be offering when permitted.

Worley is looking to make a verbal commitment sometime next summer. To help with the decision, he plans to attend several college games throughout the region this fall.

Worley attended both of the Tar Heels' two-day camps. Both visits provided him an opportunity to evaluate UNC.

"Other than football, I really like their campus," Worley said. "I know they have a really good academic reputation – that's always something you're looking for. The coaches were all nice, easy to talk to, [and] they all seemed like they knew what they were talking about."

Much of Worley's time was spent working out with Shoop, UNC's offensive coordinator and quarterback coach.

"I really enjoy having him showing me what I'm doing wrong and showing me what I need to fix," Worley said. "He's just a full motor guy. He doesn't stop talking. He always has something to either critique you on or give you advice on."

During their conversations, Shoop briefed Worley on UNC's quarterback recruitment for the next two classes. "He said they're going to avoid signing a quarterback this year, unless somebody really stands out to them," Worley said. "And then try to sign two, possibly, the 2011 year."

Worley says he's not opposed to being a part of a recruiting class that includes another quarterback.

"The best quarterback is going to play," Worley said.

Worley is looking for a school with a good academic reputation and football tradition. Also, he favors the small college town feel, and wants to play within the region.

"I'm going to try to stay ACC or SEC – just in this area – because I want my parents to come watch me [play in college]," Worley said.

Last fall, Worley led Northwestern to the Class 4A Division II title game. Following the season, he was selected the MaxPreps National Sophomore of the Year and named to the EA Sports Sophomore All-American Team. On the season, he completed 57-percent of his passes (309-of-543) for 3,641 yards and 50 touchdowns.

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