UNC-UConn: Calhoun Press Conference

"First thing, I'd like to congratulate North Carolina. I thought obviously their 20-3 start filled them with energy."

"We in turn got defeated by the fact that we couldn't make shots early and allowed ourselves to feel bad for ourselves. We started to right the ship, but it was too late to make it happen."

"I said the first question would be about the last 31 seconds because the first 30 seconds in Connecticut are never played. We tried to work to foul on a little delay. We said as soon as it gets down to 20 we'll grab him. Felton, I think we had, and then we had Williams. We had a list of guys to grab. The only thing I think I could have done was to tell them to cover Williams for the jumpshot. Actually, the game was settled before then, unless we made a miracle three. We did a poor job. After the game ended, I said, 'Ben why?' and he said, 'Why would we foul him?'" I said because there's a new rule they just put in that says they don't have to shoot again.

"Regardless we made a mental error that didn't cost us the game. As a matter of fact we got a better three-point shot than we would have. But that's not the game. The game is 20-3. The game is having Taliek Brown having the guts to bring us back. Some people don't think he's very good, but he really got it going. Ben played poorly. Tony played awful. Emeka had about blocked about 15 shots, but he had five in the first half and one in the second half. Did anyone watch the game? Did you only see one block in the second half? ... I would like to see him at least get credit for what he does."

"Bottom line is I would give credit to North Carolina, and I would give discredit to us. We played very poorly."

"We were down 20-3 and we came back and with under a minute to go we lead by one."

"We put ourselves in predicaments on the road. Today we found ourselves only in a 17-point hole. The good thing is we're doing at home too. This is the fifth straight game we've trailed by 10 or more."

"I thought they played with great energy. I thought McCants and Felton were a terrific backcourt. I thought their other kids scrapped and got loose balls and made a difference. I thought Matt did a good job of getting his kids ready, and our team wasn't ready to step into one of what I consider to be the best places to play basketball in the country."

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