Williamson set to attend UNC

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- After earning MVP honors in the opening game of the Scholastic Fantastic Hoops Tour Monday, Drew Williamson told <i>Inside Carolina</i> that he has made his decision -- he'll be a North Carolina Tar Heel.

The 5-11, 165-pound guard was hobbled by a knee bruise, but managed 13 points (5-10 fg, 2-5 3pt) in Burlington Cummings' 61-59 win over Bishop McGuinness. The point total was well below Williamson's usual prolific numbers, but it was his defense, rebounding and court leadership that earned him the MVP award [pictured above left w/ trophy].

Sources close to the UNC program confirmed Williamson's decision to enroll at Chapel Hill.

Inside Carolina spoke to Williamson after the game and also talked his cousin, UNC commitment JamesOn Curry, who was also in attendance.


You looked like you were hobbling a little bit. What happened to your knee?

I bumped it last Wednesday against Graham. I got it X-rayed. It's a deep bruise.

What do you do to contribute to a win like this?

I just tried to come out in the first half and distribute the ball, to make sure everybody was in the game. I've sat out the last couple of games, so I didn't want to try to force anything trying to get back into the rhythm. I just wanted to play within myself and get everybody else involved. I think I did a good job.

What did you think about JamesOn sitting baseline, and what is your relationship with him like?

We have a really good relationship. We're distant cousins, so we do the things cousins do. I pick him up because he's not driving yet. He's supposed to spend the night with me this weekend. He tries to give me pointers every once in a while.

Do you give him pointers?

I try to.

How about college? Are you sure where you want to go?

Right now, I think I'm going to go to Carolina and walk on.

Pretty sure? Where does that stand right now?

It's almost 100 percent. I'm just waiting to get the forms.

Why did you make that decision? Didn't you get some other offers?

I've been a Carolina fan my whole life, and it's been a dream for me since I was little. Not everyone gets a chance to fulfill his dream. I had the chance, so I am taking advantage of it.

Plus, I get a chance to play with James[On] is another thing I wanted to do. I think, in a couple of years, Carolina will be ready to win the national championship.

Have you already told the staff at Carolina?


What do you expect to do as a Tar Heel?

I just want to do whatever I can to help the team win. If that means practicing hard, I'll practice hard. If it means playing a few minutes, that's what I'll do.


What do you know about Drew Williamson walking on at Carolina?

Right now, he says he's walking on. Jonathan Holmes is leaving, and they need another ball handling guard. We got Reyshawn Terry, and he's more of a wing forward.

If he gets a scholarship offer from another school, do you think he'll go somewhere else?

I'm not sure. Right now, I'm thinking he'll come to Carolina. They'll probably give him a scholarship the year after. That's what I think.

What are your feelings about Drew going to Carolina?

I love it. We all get to play together. We never have -- we've always been arch rivals since we were little. We've played with each other in the summer time, but that's it.

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Williamson was hobbled by a knee injury.

The guard shares point duties for Cummings.

He shot 2-for-5 from beyond the arc.

JamesOn Curry watches Williamson, his cousin.

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