Terry makes brief statement, before fouling out

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Reyshawn Terry's toughest opponent Monday afternoon was not LeBron James – it was foul trouble.

The North Carolina signee sat for all but two minutes of the second half, fouling out 13 seconds into the fourth quarter of Reynolds' 85-56 loss to James' St. Vincent-St. Mary's team, in the headline matchup of the Scholastic Fantastic Hoops Tour at the Greensboro Coliseum. The attendance total of 16,220 set a high school record for the state of North Carolina.

Terry totaled eight points, two rebounds and one block – all coming in the first half.

The 6-8 senior played well on both ends of the court in the first quarter, holding the heralded James to four points and scoring on two tough baskets of his own.

"He wanted him and he was our first choice to put on him," Reynolds head coach Howard West said postgame.

But foul trouble sidelined Terry and the SV-SM fullcourt press did in Reynolds. James scored 26 points over the second and third quarters, en route to 32 points.

"Reyshawn Terry is a great player -- another [great] player that I've played against this year," James said postgame. "He's one of the best players I've played against. I hope he just keeps working, and I'm going to keep working. I wish him well off to North Carolina."

SV-SM head coach Dru Joyce said, "Talent-wise, if Reyshawn hadn't gotten into some foul trouble, maybe we would have seen a little more from him, but when you have to guard LeBron, that's a tough situation. It's easy to say that you'll accept the challenge, but, when it happens, it's a different thing. It's hard to guard the guy."

Inside Carolina spoke with Terry postgame.

Any thoughts on playing LeBron James?

I believe he'll do real well in the NBA, showing that he can play on that level.

Were you looking forward to this matchup?

I looked forward to it but it wasn't a special privilege or anything. He's just another player to me. I felt like he was just another player for me to go out against and have an opportunity to win a game. But we didn't get to play as hard because the ref's kept the game a little weak.

Was there anything James showed you that you hadn't see before?

It's basically nothing I haven't seen before - to try to get me in foul trouble and get me out of the game. He was just driving and ducking his shoulder. The ref's were giving him a whole lot of calls. He does the right thing to keep the ball in his hands.

What do you think you could have done more of had you not gotten into foul trouble?

I think I could have gotten around him a whole lot more if I could have stayed out of foul trouble. As far as setting up plays, I could have created my shot more since he didn't play all that much [great] defense.

Did you enjoy having the spotlight on someone else, other than yourself?

We like being the underdogs, but we just had to come out and play – but we didn't execute tonight so we didn't come out on top.

How would you critique your performance today?

I think I did pretty well, but I kind of let the refs get in my head a little bit. And as far as being a leader, when the pressure got tough, I should have been the guy stepping up a little more.

What do you take away from this game?

Staying out of foul trouble so I can keep myself in the game and help my team.

Do you think that's because you were over aggressive?

Yeah, a little over aggressive. Just trying to keep it out of [James'] hands so that he doesn't get the chance to score as many points as he normally does. Basically I just am physical with everybody, and the refs didn't let me be too physical.

James is a strong 240-pounder, did that cause problems for you?

He's 240 pounds, but he don't use his strength too much to his advantage. Like I said, if I would have stayed out of foul trouble more, I think I could have created my shot more than I did.

Is this the biggest crowd you've ever played in front of?

Yeah. But it's no big deal. I didn't really bring the crowd into my mind because I had to focus on the game. I had my mind focused on being ready to play.

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