Bohlander - 'My mind's set on Carolina'

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Reynolds senior forward Justin Bohlander has serious interest, and scholarship offers, from several high-major programs ... but he wants to be a Tar Heel.

The 6-7, 200-pounder posted nine points (4-5 fg) and three rebounds in his team's 85-56 loss to St. Vincent-St. Mary's on Monday afternoon at the Greensboro Coliseum.

Inside Carolina caught up with him postgame, though he was guarded in talking to the media in light of last month's article in a local paper that led to UNC self-reporting a minor contact violation involving Bohlander.

Have you gotten any new scholarship offers?

When I was down in Houston, USC offered me. I think Louisville is looking at me.

What schools are you considering at this point?

My mind's set on Carolina. It's just up to whether I get in – it's got to go through the academic process.

Has that been where you've always wanted to play?


Prior to this summer, you were turning away schools that were interested.

I didn't know what was going on then. There were just some schools I didn't want to go to. So I didn't know what I was going to. I didn't want to play there.

And then you started to hear from Carolina and how'd that feel?

It's great, it's a great feeling. Not every day a top ACC school calls you and sends you letters. It's a real fun experience.

Was this experience today good preparation for big time basketball?

Yeah. It's all a mind game. What coach is always talking about is between the lines – they eye of the hurricane, where it's all quiet in the middle and around it is all noisy. You've just got to clear it all out and focus. It's a good test.


IC spoke with Reynolds teammate, and future Tar Heel, Reyshawn Terry about Bohlander.

What are your feelings about the possibility of your teammate, Justin Bohlander, joining you at Carolina?

It's a great feeling because he's a good player and we play well together. We'd be playing together, like we have in high school. I think he'll have a good chance of playing there because that's his style of play.

Do you know it's going to happen, or do you just hope it happens?

I hope it happens.

Has he not made a decision yet?

He has, but he's just waiting to get accepted.

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