Practice Tour: Reggie Wilkins

SHELBY, N.C. --- As important as his on-the-field abilities are, Reggie Wilkins's leadership is perhaps more crucial to Crest's success this season.

"He's the leader," Crest head coach Roy Kirby said. "As good a player as he is on the field, that's what he's off the field, too. He's a pretty quiet unassuming young man with a great smile… Everybody in that locker room knows that he's the guy. They know that he's going to do his thing and if everybody else plays, we're going to be successful."

Wilkins' ability to lead the offense will be much easier this season. Crest is in its second year with this offensive system and Wilkins has a year of experience running the system.

"I feel a whole lot more comfortable," Wilkins said. "I used to throw the ball and hold my breath, but now I throw it with confidence. I've been making reads since the ninth grade, so I've got that down pat."

Crest's offense is based off the spread offense that Appalachian State runs.

"It's funny – [Armanti Edwards] is No. 14, is left handed and so is Reggie and they look a lot alike," Kirby said. "… [Reggie] makes things go. We're running the option with him, so anytime you're running the option the quarterback is the guy making the reads…

"Just like against Gaffney [in a scrimmage] the other night, [Wilkins] can pull it out and scramble all over the place and make plays and throw it 50 or 60 yards."

Kirby said he aims to have Wilkins throw the ball 15-16 times a game.

With a winning tradition and a prideful fan base, expectations are high at Crest this season, just like any other year.

"At this program, we're supposed to win every game," Kirby said.

If Crest can receive some help from the injury bug, Kirby believes those lofty expectations can be fulfilled.

"We're starting to get healthy on our offensive line," Kirby said. "We lost a couple of [offensive linemen] the first day and we're starting to get back a couple of those kids. I think as those kids go and play with our skill kids, if we can just give them a couple of counts, Reggie and our running backs are going to be gone."

Although he'll star at quarterback for Crest, Wilkins' future is elsewhere.

"He's a Percy Harvin-type guy," Kirby said. "He'll be a wide receiver [in college], but [college coaches] can to put him in the ‘Wildcat' [formation] or put him in motion or give him the ball and let him throw it."

Wilkins still plans to take his official visits before making a verbal commitment.

He is looking to officially visit Colorado, North Carolina, and NC State. He's aiming to take all of his visits during the season.

After visiting UNC a week ago, Wilkins claimed the Tar Heels were his leader. He has now backed off the sentiment.

"My top two leaders are [NC] State and [North] Carolina," Wilkins said. "There's really not a top choice. North Carolina and State are in the same ball park.

"I'll just wait until the official visits to separate things out."

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