Two visits left for 'Woobie'

<i>IC</i> catches up with Lionel Green, a big and speedy cornerback from Reedley Community College in California, who is still taking visits through the end of January. The Texas-native nicknamed "Woobie" has two official visits left.

If Lionel Green doesn't answer his telephone, callers are entertained by a rap song that talks about ‘holding it down.' Finally, IC caught up with "Woobie" and the news was good for North Carolina fans.

Green, who just took an official visit to South Carolina, had an in-home visit from UNC assistant Jim Fleming yesterday.

Green was not impressed with South Carolina and said he did not fit in there. He has dropped them from his list.

"It didn't go all that good. I am going to take a visit to Tennessee (this weekend) and Texas Tech (Jan. 31). I thought it would be better than what it was."

The visit with Fleming went well according to Green.

"He asked me how my visit was, and he asked me if UNC was still number one."

At this point, UNC, Tennessee and Texas Tech are the final three schools that Green will choose from. Green also visited Nebraska, but didn't enjoy that trip either.

"I'm going to take all the visits and then see which one I like," Green said of his decision. "I will have to be way more comfortable than I was at UNC for things to change. I felt like I fit in (at UNC)."

Reedley Community College football coach Michael White said Green is just gathering information and getting a feel for his final three schools.

"He won't make a final decision until the first [of February]," White said. "You can sign on the fifth so he will have a few days to mull it over."

White said he has tried to help Green with the recruiting process.

"We armed him with a series of questions that is about five pages and we put it into booklet form. After visits, we sit down with him and discuss it. A lot of it is your gut-feeling about things. It's him; not me. I'm not the one making the decision. My job was to prepare him for this."

With a limited number of scholarships remaining, many think the Tar Heels will pressure some recruits into making a decision now. For Green, that apparently is not the case.

"UNC has told me to take my time."

Green, a 6-1, 185 pound corner who runs a 4.4 forty, was listed on the pre-season JC Top 101 list. He averaged five tackles in 10 games this season and had five interceptions.

Green enjoyed his Christmas break at home in Warden, Texas on the outskirts of Houston and said it is going to take a lot for the Volunteers or the Red Raiders to beat out UNC for his services.

"I just think I fit in there and UNC seems like my type of program. I just like the coaches, they are cool coaches. They are all about football and they are easy to talk to."

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