Doherty comments on May's recovery

North Carolina head coach Matt Doherty spoke to the media on Tuesday about the recovery of freshman starter Sean May, who is sidelined with a broken foot.

"It's premature to tell if and when he comes back. Everybody heals at a difference pace. He's got a doctor's appointment today that may give us an indication of how far along he is. I hope he comes back this season, but I just want him to come back healthy whether it be this year or next. I don't want to risk further injury.

"With that [said], I've been really impressed with his work ethic during this rehabilitation time. It's not easy, sometimes you suffer through some depression and want to lay around -- but we had a day off Sunday and he worked out Sunday. He's been in the pool and on the stationary bike and in the weight room on a regular basis. His weight is the same as it was before the injury. He weighs in every day. So I think he's shown some real discipline during this rehabilitation period ...

"I just don't want to put any pressure on the sitation. I'd rather go conservative than get people's hopes up. I have to make sure that foot is fit to handle college basketball games before he steps on the floor and it's too early to tell. You never know how people heal, so I want to be conservative, but it's just too early to tell."

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