Zeller To Visit Chapel Hill

When both of your older brothers were McDonald's All-Americans, expectations can be a bit high.

As if Cody Zeller's own ability wasn't enough to draw out college coaches, the fact that older brothers Luke (Notre Dame) and Tyler (North Carolina) each reached such lofty status means that coaches have been checking out the 6-foot-9 inch junior at Washington (Ind.) High since early in his career. So far, he remains unfazed by the attention and is in no hurry to make a decision.

While he's been back in the gym working out with high school teammates, Zeller took one final look back at his summer with Indiana Elite.

"We did pretty well, we made it a long ways in all of our tournaments but couldn't get over the hump to win one," said Zeller. "Overall, it was a good summer. I thought I did pretty well, I had some real good games and some not so hot games. You're going to have some of both."

Back to his brothers, Zeller has already heard the comparisons and been asked about them plenty. While the constant comparisons might bother some, he takes it all in stride and has done what he can to learn from them.

"I kind of like hearing it sometimes because both of them were such great players," said Zeller. "Anytime you are compared to a great player it's a great feeling. They've helped a lot already with the recruiting process and they talk to me about what to look for and things like that."

Zeller has thus far earned scholarship offers from Indiana, Butler, Purdue, Iowa, Florida and Ohio State. Additionally, Wake Forest, Notre Dame, UCLA and Michigan have been calling.

This weekend, Zeller will make an unofficial visit to North Carolina, where the Tar Heels will be hosting a grandiose Alumni Game. It's no surprise that his big brother's team is in the mix.

"They've called me a few times here and there," Zeller told Inside Carolina. "I know them pretty well. I went to I think three or four games last year so I've been around the whole group a lot."

Not surprisingly, Zeller says that having an older brother on the team allows for a bit of a different relationship between himself, the UNC coaching staff and players.

"I think it helps having a brother there on their part," said Zeller. "I'm around them a lot and I know what kind of guys they are. They are all great guys and down to Earth. That's what all the other coaches are trying to prove to me right now, that they are good guys and care about me. With North Carolina, they've already proved that to me because I've been around them so much."

Following his visit to Carolina, Zeller will travel to Ohio State where he'll be able to take in the highly anticipated Ohio State/USC football game. He's also planning to see Purdue and some others this fall.

Surprisingly, while his older brothers have offered plenty of advice in the recruiting process, neither has made a push for their school.

"Not too much really. Luke's graduated from Notre Dame right," said Zeller when asked if either brother was trying to push him towards their school. "Tyler, we'll see if he's even there by the time I graduate and go to college."

For now, Zeller is more focused on getting stronger and working on his game than he is making a decision. When that time comes the relationships he's established with the coaching staffs and players will be important, but it's just too early for him to think about it much.

"I'm not anywhere close to making my decision or even narrowing it down," said Zeller. "I'll probably wait until my senior year since you can't take official visits until then anyway. It's a long process."

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