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When he returned home from helping Charlotte (N.C.) Ardrey Kell shutout Charlotte (N.C.) West Mecklenburg Friday night, Drew Owens was greeted by a North Carolina scholarship offer.

"I was ecstatic [when I received the offer]," Owens said, who was among the first batch of 2011 offers sent out last week by UNC. "My parents were happy. My mom screamed. Everyone was just pumped. It is a really huge offer for me."

Why so much excitement?

"My parents love it because of the education and how close it is and know it's a great school for future endeavors," Owens said. "I like it because it's on the rise [and] it has the potential to be an ACC contender."

Also, Owens, 6-foot-5, 220-pound junior tight end, is a UNC fan.

"I've been a huge basketball fan," Owens said. "I love their basketball, but I just now started to get into their football."

In addition to UNC, Owens has received official scholarship offers from East Carolina, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt.

"Clemson told me they were close [to offering], they just had to see how their board played out with a couple of other tight ends that they have over me," Owens said. "UVa told me they were close to offering."

Being a Tar Heel fan with a UNC scholarship offer, it's assumed that Owens' leader is UNC.

"Yea, that's a safe assumption for the time being," Owens said. "Just because of the fact hopefully I can obtain more offers in the future. I'd like to get as many as I can so that I have more options."

Despite being an army brat accustomed to traveling around the world, Owens will play his college ball within the southeast region.

"For me, I wouldn't mind going to go play for UCLA or Oregon," Owens said. "But my parents want me to stay close with my dad being deployed a lot of the time."

Owens aims to make a verbal commitment before the start of his senior year.

"I was talking to my coach and he said there's a lot of security [in committing early] if something goes wrong your senior year," Owens said. "Like if you get hurt or something, you still have your offer [to the school you committed to]."

The plan is similar to the one followed by teammate Prince Shembo. Shembo committed to Notre Dame in early August.

To assist in his college decision, Owens plans to attend as many college games this fall as possible. He attended NC State-South Carolina last week and, despite having plans to head to the UNC-Citadel game, went to the Duke-Richmond game.

"My friend that was driving said he would only go to the Duke game," Owens recalled from Saturday. "I had to do whatever he said, because he was driving."

Instead of seeing UNC blow out the Citadel, Owens watched Richmond upset Duke.

"It was the biggest disappointment of my life," Owens joked.

Owens doesn't have plans yet for this weekend, but he's already set to attend the UNC-East Carolina game in Chapel Hill in a couple of weeks.

This fall, Owens expects to be in Chapel Hill for games "as much as possible."

"Just because of the fact that it's so convenient," Owens said. "It's 2-3 hours away."

In June, Owens attended a couple sessions of UNC's two-day camp.

"It was drizzling when I went there but the campus was still good looking," Owens said. "The cafeteria food was great. Their practice facilities – their indoor facilities and their main fields – were all good. The facilities were nice. I just felt like it was an overall good school."

Owens worked out exclusively at tight end, under the guidance of Allen Mogridge.

"That's a crazy guy," Owens said of Mogridge, with a laugh. "He's so energetic. He knows what he's talking about. A lot of the stuff that he taught me, I'm using now."

Owens also camped at Clemson, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Virginia.

Since moving to Charlotte from Italy prior to his sophomore season, Owens has started at tight end for Ardry Kell. He also started his freshman season, while playing for a military base's high school in Italy.

In two games this season, Owens has caught four catches for 57 yards and two touchdowns.

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