UNC-UC: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis and various Tar Heels, who spoke to the media following the 12-10 victory over Connecticut on Saturday.

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Opening remarks:
"Obviously, to can't talk about this game without talking about two teams. Two teams that played unbelievable hard throughout the entire ball game. It wasn't a clean game. Both teams made some turnovers, both teams missed some opportunities. I thought both teams fought extremely hard.

"We are very fortunate to win this game. There is no way you can talk about this game without saying how fortunate we were. To make some of that fortune happen a lot of things had to happen our kids to keep competing and playing hard. They spilled their guts out there every single snap. Clearly, our defense played very, very well today. They took the field after turnovers and handled sudden change situations and played on short fields. They just kept battling and they kept scrapping and kept giving us chances that our offense would get some momentum and get a little traction. And obviously at the end of the game with the defense with safety came up with the biggest play to win the game.

"It wasn't a pretty. We knew coming on the plane that Connecticut that had an unbelievably talented defense. You do not get the No. 6 defense in the nation without having some guys that can play."

You have been on the wrong end of some of these close games on the road. How does it feel to get a win?
"It just feels good to win. Everything that I feel, I feel because of these kids. Every day, when you're with them, you get to watch them and you see how much effort and energy and passion that they pour into trying to prepare and knowing that there's going to be tough times. You're just happy for them. That's who it's all about – these players."


When did you see the flag? Were you looking for it?
"I was in the zone, I wasn't paying attention to it. I knew I beat him around the corner and it felt like I got pulled down. I was just out there trying to make plays and then I saw the flag."

What was the defense's reaction to the situation?
"We realized it because we put it on our shoulders. We knew we were going to have to score to give the offense that many more opportunities. That really was our mindset. This is a defensive a team and like I said we put it on our shoulders and kept moving."


North Carolina had a pretty good idea of what to expect up here, what adjustments did you make at the half?
"We really didn't make too many adjustments. Coach was like we weren't hitting the block like we were supposed to and we weren't staying on them as long as we were supposed to. We were hitting the holes and we weren't reading them right. They were kind of coming in the middle, so we had to figure out to balance things. We kind of slowed things up."

Did the offense get frustrated when UConn went up 10-0?
"It was kind of frustrating for us because we were down. We kept our composure, we are only down two scores and they really only scored two points off of us, of our plays. We threw an interception that set up the touchdown. We decided that our defense is not going to give them another point we just got keep going and score some more points. We put up 10 and our defense gave us two more and that put us over the edge."


What was the offense's mindset on the sidelines down 10-0?
"'This is the drive – we've got to go out there and score and get some momentum back and give our defense a little rest so they can go out there and play like they play.'"

What kind of halftime adjustments did you make?
"We just focused more on how we were going to run the ball, this way or that way. Just narrow it down a little bit more and pinpoint where we wanted to run and how we wanted to run it."


Did you see the safety?
"I did not see it at all because we were in man-to-man coverage and I was covering my man. I just heard the call and I saw everybody cheering. I just turned around and looked."

Were you surprised that they would call it at that point in the game?
"I didn't even know that was a rule. I heard the coaches screaming `safety, safety, safety' so I started jumping up and down `safety, safety.'"

On improving on today's offensive showing:
"We need to get positive yards on first and second down, we can't be getting into third-and-long situations. Third-and-long is the hardest call in football. We just have to stay out of those situations just, do better on first and second down and get us out of those third-and-long situations."

On the defense's performance:
"Our defense plays so amazing, they give you confidence as an offense. We know they are going to get the ball back for us and they're going to do their job. We know our defense is going to hold them strong."

On the win:
"It's a great feeling, just our team being down like that coming back late in the fourth quarter, just never giving up, it just feels good. It was an extremely ugly win but it was a win and we'll take it."

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