Inside the Game: Reggie Wilkins

SHELBY, N.C. --- Shelby vs. Crest rivalry is one of the biggest rivalries in the state. While both programs are strong – with two state titles each this decade – its one of those rivalries where you throw out the win-loss records. Last Friday night's 31-21 Crest win was witnessed by a crowd of 1,304 fans.


Wilkins exclusively plays quarterback in Crest's run-oriented spread offense, where he takes the majority of the snaps from the shotgun. Against Shelby, roughly ten pass plays were called. When Wilkins did throw, it was short or medium range. Crest called several design QB runs and option plays to obviously take advantage of Wilkins' running ability.

Big Play

Shelby's defense did an excellent job containing Wilkins for most of the night. However, midway through the fourth quarter with Crest leading by just a field goal, he exploded for a 48-yard gain that kept a drive alive that eventually ended in a touchdown.

"It was an option, but they contained the running back, so I just took it and ran," Wilkins said.

During Wilkins' run, he displayed video game-like jukes that allowed him to break four tackles along the way. His repertoire of moves included everything from a stop-and-go to a spin.

"I just think to myself ‘Just don't get tackled' and ‘Get in the end zone,'" Wilkins said.

"On the play, when he jumped backwards – man," Crest head coach Roy Kirby said in admiration. "I don't know if we've ever had an athlete like him here. I try to compare him to a couple of guys and then I see him do something like that tonight. Last year he did a cartwheel and did a 360 against Freedom. He's just a special athlete and I feel very blessed to have a chance to coach him."


Rushing: 10 carries for 76 yards
Passing: 2-of-6 for 25 yards
Rushing Breakdown (in order of occurrence): 8, 3, -18 (sack), 8, 10, 9, 4, 48, 2, 2
Passing Breakdown (in order of occurrence): 5, incomplete (drop), incomplete, 20 (screen pass), interception, incomplete


UNC is recruiting Wilkins as a slot receiver and return specialist. Playing quarterback makes it difficult to evaluate several attributes for playing wide receiver (i.e. route running, hands, etc.).

However, one thing is clear: Wilkins is an amazing open field runner. He has solid vision and great speed (4.48 forty), but what sets him apart is what he does one-on-one against a potential tackler – it's indescribable. His open field running ability is uncoachable and will come in handy as a returner and after a reception.

Wilkins, who is one of three team captains, is a quiet leader who has gained his teammates respect through his on-field play. You can tell that he has a complete understanding of the offense from how he directs his teammates during the pre-snap.

As a passer, Wilkins is extremely raw but throws a tight spiral with a lot of velocity. His accuracy is inconsistent. On his interception, he didn't see the linebacker who picked off the pass.


Wilkins plans to attend the UNC-East Carolina game this weekend in Chapel Hill. He says being committed has taken a lot of pressure off of him and has allowed him to focus more on schoolwork and the football season.

Other Standouts

Junior kicker Trever Austin converted a 50-yard field goal attempt that appeared to have been good from nearly 60 yards out. He also had two punts of 45 yards, and booted all of his kickoffs inside the five-yard line including two touchbacks (a third touchback was called back due to offsides).

Wilkins backfield mate, Rhaheim Ledbetter, will be the next Division I recruit to come out of Crest. He starts at running back and free safety. Against Shelby, he rushed for two short touchdowns and returned an interception for a pivotal touchdown. During the interception return, Ledbetter flashed a burst that allowed him to blow past the offensive players. He was also excellent in run support and showed good range.

Check back tomorrow for the full video reel of Wilkins' performance.

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