Brent Favoring UNC

K.J. Brent has rooted for Duke for much of his life. However, the 6-foot-4, 165-pound junior wide receiver from Waxhaw (N.C.) Marvin Ridge lists North Carolina as his leader.

"Definitely, right now [UNC] is up at the top," Brent said. "… All my friends know that UNC is at my top and they're kind of surprised about that, because they know how much I like Duke."

UNC's coaching staff is the main culprit for Brent's current favoring of the lighter shade of blue.

"First, when I talked to Coach Withers the first time I met him we kind of connected and started off a good relationship," Brent said. "And once I got up to UNC for the camp, I met the rest of their staff and Butch Davis. They made me feel like I was already part of the program. And I love the way the staff works and how they interact with us."

Brent's feelings towards the Tar Heels reached an all-time high two weeks ago when he received a scholarship offer letter from UNC.

"They offered me verbally [at camp] so I was just waiting for the actual official letter the week of Sept. 1," Brent said. "It was more surprising than I thought it would, because it was good to see it in writing. It felt pretty good the second time [they offered], as well as the first time."

Duke and East Carolina have also sent scholarship letters of their own to Brent. Additionally, he said he is receiving strong interest from Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, Maryland, and Notre Dame.

Brent has attracted the aforementioned interest with limited film. He missed his entire sophomore season with a broken ankle that required surgery.

"Before this season started, the only film [schools] had was the recordings from the combines I went to," Brent said. "So right now, I think on my highlights I have around 18-20 plays. I think my coach is waiting to get a little bit into the season more before sending out a new tape."

Thus far this season, Brent has caught 17 passes for 265 yards and four touchdowns.

Brent made his first, and currently only, visit to UNC in June when he attended one day of the Tar Heels' camp.

"I loved it, honestly," Brent said. "It was good because I got to talk to [Charlie Williams] more than I actually thought I would. And I already knew Coach Withers going in, because he was the one that was recruiting me and I talked to him sometime before that. I talked to [Withers] and I got to meet Coach Williams, when I go there. [Williams] worked with me and I got to know him a lot better."

Since camping at UNC, Brent has contacted Withers a couple of times.

Brent has plans to return to UNC for the Virginia game on Oct. 3. He's also working on attending games at Duke and a few other schools.

He says he would like to make a verbal commitment sometime before the start of his senior year.

"Right now, I'm just waiting until after the season to see what happens," Brent said. "After the season, I'll think about [when I'll make a verbal commitment] even more and I'll have a better idea."

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