Jesse Holley: Hoops Scouting Report

Jesse Holley, a star wide receiver from Roselle, N.J., committed to North Carolina last week. While his primary focus is football, he does plan to walk-on the basketball team. <i>Inside Carolina</i> asked some of the nation's top hoops experts for their analysis of Holley's hardcourt skills ...

Jesse Holley is averaging 19.6 points this season, as Roselle is currently 9-1, ranked No. 16 in the state.

His 20-point performance Friday made him Roselle's all-time scoring leader with 1,419 points.

Expert Scouting Reports -

"At ABCD Camp we rated him as a marginal high major player (recruited at the A-10 or fringe Big East level). He's a really good athlete. Scores on slashes to the basket and has a decent perimeter stroke. He'd be a great basketball walk-on at UNC. A guy who could definitely give them some pop off the bench." -- Rob Matera, All Star Report

"This strong 190-pound swingman is a superb athlete who plans to play both sports in college. On the hardwood, he's very effective finishing the break, quickly attacking the basket from the wing, and reaping steals on defense. He gets up high for tip-ins over taller foes, passes OK for a wing guard and hits free throws with regularity. We watched him at two venues and didn't see him hit a three pointer, though his form is acceptable and, admittedly, he didn't try very many. High-major minus/mid-major plus roundballer is a big-time gridiron prospect." -- Brick Oettinger, Prep Stars Recruiter's Handbook

"I saw him at the Big Time and AAU Nationals. I thought he was a good 6-3, 180 athlete. I viewed him as a lower level mid-major player. Was able to make some medium-range jumpers. Most on the basketball circuit never really looked much at him because it was common knowledge that he was a big time football recruit. He played with Brian Crawford's Newark Rams." -- Dave Telep,

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