UNC-UVa: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis and various Tar Heels, who spoke to the media following the 16-3 loss to Virginia on Saturday.

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Opening remarks:
"Certainly it's a disappointing loss. It's a little bit of a carryover of the same thing from last week. The defense played well enough at times, certainly, to give us a chance to win the game. But it's a team game and we talk in the locker room all the time...you can't just win one phase of the game. We've got to find a way to win two of the three phases, and I thought our defense fought, they scratched and they kept it to a three-point game, a six-point game, for an awfully long time.

"We thought we got a little bit of momentum coming out of the locker room. We moved the ball, we got a few first downs, and ultimately had to settle for a field goal. But we've got to find a way to play better on offense. We've got to find a running game, and we've got to be able to block people at the point of attack. We can't have as much penetration at the point of attack and not allow the back to at least get started at the intended hole or the intended point of attack.

"I referenced the Baltimore Ravens in 2000, that they won the Super Bowl...they didn't score an offensive touchdown for seven weeks. Sometimes you've got to find ways to win ugly. If you coach long enough, and our players have played long enough, sometimes the shoe is on the other foot from a team perspective. There were times last year when we were scoring 35, 38 points and that wasn't enough.

"It's a team game, the only thing that we can do is have a positive attitude about working hard to get better and have an expectation that our players are going to try to improve. It's all about this is a young, inexperienced offensive football team that has got to work every single week on trying to get better and try to improve their fundamentals.

"We turned the ball over three times today and we didn't get any. The opportunities were there today for turnovers. The ball was on the ground a couple of times, we didn't get it. The ball was in the air a couple of times that hit us in the hands and we didn't get it. Those could have conceivably negated some points, it might not have turned into any points, but it certainly would have given us the opportunity to maybe win the game 10-6, 10-9, maybe you win it ugly.

"We've got to improve, that's my responsibility, it's our coaches' responsibility, and that's the approach we're going to take when we get back tomorrow."

On if he thought about taking Yates out of the game:
"Not really. Sometimes you just have to play yourself through some poor performances. He didn't play as well as we'd have liked for him to last week at Georgia Tech. He hit some throws today, but he was under duress. I don't know exactly the statistics, but I want to say they either blitzed or pressured something in the neighborhood of 10 of the first 19 plays of the game.

"They are taking advantage and looking at a young, inexperienced offensive line, and they are doing what good coaches do, which is try to exploit somebody. I thought clearly up until about 10 minutes to go in the game, the game was winnable. I think as long as the game is winnable, you want to give your starter the chance to win the game."

On using Ryan Houston more:
"It's clearly part of the scenario that certainly would help. It's something that I think we have to talk about. If you go back to the same exact game a year ago...I want to say we ran for in excess of about 140 yards...It just didn't click for (Shaun) today. We didn't have the ball long enough, when you're going three and out, nobody gets any rhythm. We took the whole first half to find out if there were any runs that would work at all."

On expecting this type of performance today:
"The outcome of the game is disappointing. We wanted to win. I thought we practiced well enough...if we practice like we did last week, we're going to get better. I think most of you heard me say before the week started that the worst mistake anybody could do is look at them as an 0-3 team. The one thing they did in the previous games that they didn't do today is turn the ball over."


On the loss:
"Its extremely frustrating. The defense did a good job once again, the offense struggled. We struggled moving the ball down the field. We struggled keeping our defense off the field."

On UVa's schemes:
"As far as I know they weren't doing anything out of the ordinary that we hadn't seen on film. They brought a couple blitzes we weren't ready for, but we just got to go out there and execute."

On areas for improvement:
"We need to do a better job of seeing what they're doing, what kind of blitzes they're bringing and getting off the ball quicker."

On the defense:
"The defense did a great job; we've got to hold up our end of the bargain. We've got to put some points on the board. They can't shut everybody out. They did a good job and we put them in a bad position which led to that last score."


On the team's strategy:
"We definitely are playing with a different approach we've got to go back to the basics and try to find something that works. On both sides we've got to give better effort, and do something, because what we're doing right now isn't working."

On the offense's struggles:

"It doesn't seem hopeless at all. A lot of times I've heard about the Ravens defense in 2000-2001. It was seven straight weeks their offense didn't score. There are ways we can find to win, we've just got to find those ways."


Did you hear the fans booing?
"Of course you hear it, but you've just got to keep playing."

On the reason the offense is struggling:
"I don't know, we've just got to get better every week. I feel like we played hard. I don't think it was a lack of effort. We've just got to come out and play harder."

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