Monday PC Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates and Robert Quinn, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels step out of conference to face Georgia Southern at Kenan Stadium on Saturday.

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Opening remarks:
"Obviously, the main topic is how we're going to play better offensively. We spent a tremendous amount of time yesterday taking a look at the things that we've tried to do in the first part of the season and [see] what's fixable and what's not fixable and why are we struggling? Why did we perform so well against East Carolina and have reasonable success in the fourth quarter against Connecticut?

"One of the questions as coaches that we have to ask ourselves is, ‘Are we trying to do too much with a young, inexperienced offensive football team?' Some of the things that we did last year, there's some guys that aren't ready to do some of those things all of the time [this year]. Whether it's the receivers or whether it's in the offensive line. Obviously, as the season's gone along, we've gotten younger and more inexperienced when you take Zack Pianalto out of the equation and you take what was supposed to be the starting guard with Jonathan Cooper and take Lowell Dyer out of the equation…

"We practiced well [last week]. I thought we practiced well, especially offensively. But when you see new stuff… If you see anything new, there's a certain period of time that it paralyzes the players on offense. How am I supposed to block this? It's a new front. It's a new blitz. It's a new stunt. It's a new alignment. And guys that have a wealth of experience and knowledge and they played last year and they were backups and they were in games, they handle those things. But when they are brand new guys, sometimes they struggle.

"One of the other things that we talked about yesterday is that we have not been able to (1) make some of our own opportunities and (2) capitalize on the opportunities that are out there. As much as we struggled to move the football, twice we had the football inside the 25-yard line and we had to settle for a field goal and we got a personal foul that took us out of potential scoring range. It's hard to get down there. We're struggling to get down there. And when you do get down there, you can't lose those potential opportunities. Possibly two touchdowns might have gone a long ways on Saturday, as opposed to just kicking a field goal.

"Balls were on the ground and we're not getting the fumbles. We had chances for interceptions where balls hit us in the hands, so it's a collective thing. You have to look in all three phases – what are the little [small] things that you might be able to do?"

We saw Kyle Jolly leave the game on Saturday. Is he okay?
"Sprained ankle."

On Dwight Jones:
"Finally getting him back healthy... He was able to go into the game for three possessions during the course of the game [against Virginia]. Coming off knee surgery, trying to find out how hard he can go during the week. Can he practice without it being sore, without having to get treatment? Can he go in there and add something to the passing game that would give Erik Highsmith and Jhay Boyd -- two freshmen -- a little bit of a break from time to time, so that they're not having to be out there all of the time."

On the decision to simplify the offense:
"We kind of put in a lot of new runs and new looks for the different defense that we were seeing this past week, and I guess Coach [Shoop] gave the wide receivers and the offensive line a little too much to think about. We were mixing things up a lot during the game that was allowing us to get out of our element and think too much and not play good sound football."

On his film review:
"There were some breakdowns in protection. There were some miscues between me and the receivers. There was a lot of stuff that went wrong that we can improve on. A lot of our timing was thrown off because of the pressure they were putting on me and I've got to do a better job of handling the pressure and getting rid of the ball."

Is the offense's performance becoming a concern with the defense in the locker room?
"It's frustrating, but, I don't know, as a defense, if we see our offense isn't doing it, we'll put it on our shoulders. If they don't score, they can't win. If we shut a team out, the offense doesn't have to put much up for us."

Where can you improve?
"Everywhere, I think. Close on the quarterback [better]. Instead of it taking 10 steps to get to the quarterback, maybe get there in 8.5. Just get there that much quicker and hopefully take some pressure off the secondary so that they don't have to cover as long."

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