UNC-GT: Locker Room Report

ATLANTA - Inside Carolina's Mike McCracken caught up with Tar Heels Rashad McCants, Damion Grant, and Jawad Williams after Carolina's 88-68 loss at Georgia Tech.

Rashad McCants

On Georgia Tech's big run after Carolina had cut the lead to 6 at 66-60:

"We just missed shots. They hit a big three and made some plays. They did a good job of boxing out and keeping us from getting back in. We were there for the most part, but the shots didn't fall and the ball didn't jump our way."

Did you feel like the team was lacking energy or maybe a step slow – especially in the second half?


Do you feel like the team is lacking anything defensively, given that the last two opponents have hit better than 50%?

"Not really. Teams bring their ‘A' game against us. Sometimes the balls just fall their way. We've just got to keep working through it."

Is this a low point for you personally?

"Not really. I mean, I haven't really lost that many games in my career. You've got to deal with it and we (the team) have to get around it. I can't remember (the last time I was a part of a three game losing streak). I think we lost three in a row my freshman year in high school."

On his poor shooting tonight:

"I had a lot of good looks, and sometimes the ball just bounced out. It wasn't my night."

Did you run many set plays tonight – especially in the second half?

"I don't think we did. That's not really something I pay attention to (during the flow of the game)."

Damion Grant

In the first half you drew two charges and blocked a couple of shots. Do you feel like the foul trouble slowed you down?

"(Fouls) didn't slow me down. Coach just decided to go with a smaller team."

Are you more confident every time you go on the floor?

"I'm just not trying to rush anything and playing within myself."

Is your health allowing you to practice any more these days?

"I'm still rehabbing my ankle from the injury in the Clemson game. I sprained it pretty bad, so it's still a little sore. My knees are still injured but they're getting better."

What did Coach Doherty have to say after the game?

"He said that State came down here and lost by 20, and then went home and beat Duke and then beat us. There's no reason why we can't do the same thing. We've just got to bounce back."

Does this team still have plenty of confidence?

"Oh, definitely. We know we're a young team and that we're going to lose some games and we can't expect to win them all. But we are going to go out there and try to win them all. I don't think we've lost our confidence at all."

Jawad Williams

At the end of the game, Coach Doherty stopped you as you were coming out of the game. What did he say to you?

"He said he was sorry that he didn't help me more in the second half."

On coming off his 1-9 game at N.C. State for 24 points tonight."

"I have confidence in myself and my game. I wasn't going to dwell on that (N.C. State) because everybody's going to have games like that. Tonight I played well, but we didn't get the win so none of that really counts."

Did the technical foul take anything out of you?

"Point-wise it did. I won't say that it hurt us emotionally, but point-wise it hurt for them to get those points easily."

Is the team more comfortable free-lancing in the offense or using set plays where you know what the first and second options are?

"Sometimes (it's comfortable to use the set plays) but we have scorers on this team and everybody can do different things. We've got to take advantage of our strengths."

Was this the worst overall defensive performance for this team?

"Yes, I feel like it was. There were times we didn't concentrate and didn't communicate very well."

How do you feel about the team's confidence, having lost 3 in a row?

"We'll be fine. We'll be fine. We don't have any quitters on this team. If we'll just keep working hard in practice we'll be fine. Losing three in a row, we've got some bad feelings, but I don't want to go through what happened last year, and we're not going to go through what happened last year. We'll just keep working hard."

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