UNC-GT: Doherty Press Conference

ATLANTA - Coach Matt Doherty had these comments following Carolina's 88-68 loss to Georgia Tech on Wednesday night ...

"Georgia Tech is a tough team to play. They are a very talented team. Congratulations to Paul and his team. I think they've got a really talented young group and the only thing they are lacking is experience. Once they get that, they are going to be as good as anybody.

"I felt bad I didn't help Jawad more in the second half – I should have done some more things for him. He had a sensational first half and I wish I could have helped him more in the second half.

"Jawad has shown great leadership and hasn't complained. A lot of people gave him a hard time for going 1-9 against State, and I really think it was fatigue. We got him some rest and he came out and you saw what he can do.

"We cut it to six and then Georgia Tech went on a heck of a run; we've just got to do a better job defensively. We gave up 51 points in the first half, and that's too many. Georgia Tech shot 49% against us and we are going to have to make sure we go back to the drawing board defensively and make sure we are guarding people. We scored enough points to win a basketball game, but we've got to guard a little bit better than we did tonight."

On the play of Rashad McCants:

"I think he missed a lot of shots he normally hits and I think it was just one of those nights – and that happens. The ball didn't go in for him, for whatever reason. I think he had plenty of good looks – he was 1-9 in the first half and just had balls go in and out."

On Chris Bosh:

"He's such a gifted player and is a great kid. I tried to recruit him. But, he's not the only guy on the team. They show a lot of balance with Elder and Lewis, and I thought Jarrett Jack had a really good game with 8 assists and only 2 turnovers."

On the technical foul in the second half:

"It might have (affected us.) I wasn't trying to get a technical. I just thought there were a few traveling calls that were not being called. I didn't curse or anything like that."

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