Butch Davis Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Butch Davis said on his radio program Wednesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the offense's performance in the first half against Georgia Southern:
"The way our offense is right now, if we're having success on first down, then we're probably going to have success throughout the rest of the possession. I thought we ran the ball very effectively. I thought that Ryan [Houston] and Shaun [Draughn] ran as hard and physical as we've seen them this entire season. Obviously, the play-action passes then begin to work better because the running game is working well.

"The only real downside offensively in the entire ball game is that we missed some really huge big-play opportunities. We had Greg Little open for a big play and we had a couple of other opportunities. And in games that will be a lot tougher and a lot more competitive in the second half of the season, we need to hit those plays because those are certainly plays that can make the difference in closer ball games.

"But on the whole, we were pretty pleased. It was good to get Jonathan Cooper back, along with Kyle Jolly. It was touch-and-go with Kyle with the ankle sprain the week before in the Virginia ball game. And getting those two guys working back together on the left side, I think that was a real help for our offense."

The list of injured players got a little longer this week, didn't it?
"Yes. Where it really became evident is the fact that in the second half when we wanted to try to take Ryan and Shaun out of the ball game, we wanted so bad to give Jamal Womble an opportunity to get a lot of carries in the second half. One, he's earned it and two, it's kind of an opportunity to evaluate him in a game situation. But unfortunately, on the very first kickoff of the game, he fractured his wrist. And they took him up for X-rays and he's going to have surgery on Friday. It's certainly disappointing for him.

"And then A.J. Blue, who has kind of filled in doing some of the wildcat/quarterback stuff and he's also worked some as a running back, unfortunately injured his knee and he's also going to have surgery this Friday. So we lost both of those guys. But one thing I know is that they will both be back. Our medical staff does a great job. Our doctors do a great job. So we'll see those guys many times in the future."

On the tight ends:
"We really want to try to emphasize and really get the tight ends involved in the offense. I think it's critical for the advancement of our offense for the tight ends and the H-back positions to become a bigger part of the offense. We've struggled at times trying to do that. Last week, Ed [Barham] made two outstanding catches in the ball game. They were good crossing routes, he was in the thick of traffic and he did a great job of making the catches."

On offensive line recruiting:
"Clearly, it's one of the objectives of this next recruiting class to go out and sign a good class of offensive linemen in numbers. We you finally get your roster the way that you would ideally like to have it, as far as the number of seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen and then by positions, you'd like to have probably 15-16 scholarship offensive linemen every single fall…

"We've struggled with the number of injuries that we've had [and] the small amount of offensive linemen that we've been able to sign over the last couple of years because of impending needs, knowing that Brandon Tate and a lot of those guys were going to leave. That we had to sign a lot of receivers to take those kids' places. But it takes a couple of recruiting classes to balance out and blend your team, and so that's certainly an objective in this next recruiting class."

On the freshmen offensive linemen:
"Two freshmen that are starting to come on a little bit are guys in the offensive line – Travis Bond (right guard) and Brennan Williams at right tackle. Those two guys got a chance last week to go into the game and they didn't play like freshmen for the first time. They went in there confident, they got off the ball [and] they really moved the pile. That's something that we would really like to have them do and continue to grow and not only add to the depth, but to the talent level of our offensive line."

'Butch Davis Live' airs Wednesday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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