Butch Davis Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Butch Davis said on his radio program Tuesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the Thursday night game against FSU:
"This is obviously a unique opportunity. We're very appreciative of all of the people that helped make this happen, because it took an awful lot of people. It took not only the administration at the university and their willingness and obviously the academic aspects of it, but it also took cooperation of UNC Hospitals, the parking lots and all of those kinds of things.

"This is a work in progress. I hope everyone will be patient and everybody realizes that the flow of traffic coming in and out could be a little bit of an issue, but we want this to be a great opportunity for the football program and the university."

On what the team has accomplished over the past 10 days:
"Some of the things that we tried to get accomplished last week was [first] to get healthy. Certainly Jonathan Cooper and Kyle Jolly that had gotten injured, we pulled both of them out in the first half of the Georgia Southern game. We allowed them to miss some of the practices, they watched a lot of film and they took part in the practice stuff that wasn't strenuous, not a lot of physical contact.

"And we worked on ourselves. There were some things that we wanted to get better at from an offense, defense and special teams perspective. And then the other thing was that we had an opportunity to take an extended amount of time to spend on Florida State. Sometimes when you have an opportunity to play a team every single year, there is recognition [and] there's carryover, but obviously this is the first time in five seasons that North Carolina has played Florida State, so none of our players have any familiarity with anything that Florida State has done in the last couple of seasons…

"But this week was like a normal week. Sunday for us was a traditional Tuesday and we went out and went full pads on Tuesday and Wednesday. Today we lightened up practice and we worked on speed and explosion and fast efficiency. I feel like we've had a good week of practice."

Health report:
"It's a mixed review. Obviously, we hated the fact that in the game against Georgia Southern that we lost A.J. Blue and we lost Jamal Womble. Jamal had a fracture in his wrist that required surgery on Friday, as did A.J. A.J. damaged his knee and had to undergo somewhat of a major significant surgery last Friday. Both of those guys eventually will be back.

"There's a little similarity between A.J.'s injury and the one that Brandon Tate suffered. I don't know how many people have followed, but the New England Patriots cut Joey Galloway this week so that they could activate Brandon Tate. So that's good for Brandon. It's also encouraging for A.J. to see somebody that has a similar type of an injury that eight or nine months later is back playing football. Our prayers go out to him. He'll get well.

"On the flip side of it, we've had an opportunity to get a couple of guys back. Jonathan Cooper is back full-time. Kyle Jolly is back pretty much full-time and there's a little bit of a possibility that we might get Zack Pianalto back on a limited basis."

The benefits of hosting a Thursday night game:
"There's certainly a lot of positive things that come out of it, certainly from the football perspective. Obviously, you get a chance for them to talk about the University of North Carolina and talk about the facilities. They get a chance to showcase the community. I've said this before, but basically it's almost a four-hour infomercial about your university and Chapel Hill. Outside of that, the other impact of it is the excitement of it.

"One thing I know about recruits is that they love to play in big-time settings. That's one of the reasons that we were so willing to take the opportunity to play LSU next year in the kickoff game in Atlanta. The more opportunities that you give kids to play in special significant games, the more excitement it creates in your program. So there's an awful lot of good things that can come out of this game on Thursday night."

'Butch Davis Live' airs Wednesday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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