UNC-WF: Prosser Press Conference

The first thing I would say is we feel very fortunate. I thought Carolina really played well. Coach Doherty had them exceedingly well prepared. They took us out of what we wanted to do - we had nine assists and 21 turnovers. Again, maybe some of it is what we didn't do, but I think a lot of the praise goes to Coach Doherty and his kids, and what Carolina did.

Somehow we managed to have the sand to win the game at the end. Obviously, Josh Howard made a huge play. I am really proud of our guys too. Even though it wasn't a Gainsborough as paintings go, we somehow found a way to win.

On the last play

That was actually a play where Vytas was the first option. Josh was the second option. In all honesty, I think Josh decided to put the game on his shoulders and make or not make a play.

On Howard

When we came here last year, Josh had a reputation for being a less than scintillating practice player. He changed a great deal. He's a guy who comes early and stays late. I have to take him out of drills at practice. I realize because he's our oldest and strongest guy, he's going to hit a wall, but he doesn't want to come our of anything. He inspires his teammates. He wills them to win and I think the thing he imbues them with, most readily apparent to me, is courage. This is a tough venue to play in. Matt coached well and his kids played well, but Josh wasn't having it.

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