UNC-WF: Doherty Press Conference

First I just want to say I that I am really proud of our team, our defensive effort. I think our guys really got after it and put us in a position to win the basketball game against a very talented Wake Forest team. I thought the crowd was great. We just need to make foul shots, we need to shoot the ball better and we didn'tt, yet we still had a chance to tie it up with 30 seconds to go.

It's tough and I told our team, you invest emotionally and there are no guarantees. You expose your guts to millions of people and that's what the old ABC thing - the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. It makes it tough, but we have to get back at it. We have a heck of a challenge Wednesday night.

On McCants not starting

I talk about starting as a reward for different things and I preach defense so I have to back it up. David Noel is one of our best defenders and it was time that I needed to reward David for his defensive effort and I think David had a heck of a game. When you look at his line, four offensive rebounds, 14 points, four blocks and three steals. I think David was great and he gave us a lot of energy.

On McCants responding coming off the bench

I think he did alright. I'll have to look at the film. Sometimes you need to wait and judge after I've watched film then you can really see - Did he dive at a loose ball? Did he sprint back? Did he box out? Did he do the little things that it takes to win game?

On Williams' last three attempt

That was a designed play. Jawad was shooting well and I thought he got a decent look. It's hard to say I have to see the film. I wanted Jawad taking the shot in that situation and I though he had a decent look.

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