Monday PC Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates and E.J. Wilson, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels prepare to travel to Blacksburg to face Virginia Tech on Thursday.

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Opening remarks:
"The only thing that you can do when you have losses is that you have to learn from the things where you made mistakes during the course of the game. It's still a young football team, an inexperienced football team, and so a lot of those lessons they will have the opportunity to carry over for the remainder of the season but certainly throughout the rest of their career.

"Rushing for 268 yards in the course of the ball game, we felt like that was a very positive thing. Some of the things that we did defensively in the first half – we really felt like we played well in the first half defensively. The things that we bemoaned at the conclusion of the game were some of the things on special teams. We had three critical errors on penalties in special teams that really put the offense in bad situations when we needed to be in good situations. We started two possessions at the eight-yard-line and one at the eighteen because of penalties. And it's very difficult to mount huge successful drives [in that position].

"The other thing is that we stalled and had to settle for two field goals when we had some really good opportunities to score some touchdowns. You hate the fact of the penalty that called back the one big play. You flip the coin over and you talk about the defensive aspect and giving up the 98-yarder. That's a huge 14-point swing. You go from scoring seven points on an 82-yarder that gets called back and then you give up a 98-yarder.

"But I think our kids, as a tribute to them and our coaching staff, the way in which we approached the teaching and learning of the things from those films goes a lot to how those kids bounce back… When they came back Sunday, we jumped right into Virginia Tech and had an outstanding practice yesterday. They were eager to get back to practice."

On what led to Christian Ponder's second-half performance:
"In retrospect, the depth of the underneath coverage guys allowed some big intermediate plays. Those 15 to 25 to 30-yard plays that were down over the middle of the field where people started to worry a little bit about the possibility of scrambles and stuff. Just drop into coverage, cover your receivers, play your technique and we would have been fine."

On the offense's performance against FSU:
"I think you saw Thursday night ideally kind of what you would like to see from us all of time – being able to be very balanced. We had big plays in the passing game. We had a good running game. The running game enhances your play-action passing game. So all of it pretty much works hand-in-hand if you're able to mix it up like that and be balanced."

On Bruce Carter:
"He's fine. He practiced yesterday."

On Zack Pianalto:
"He's fine. He was back at practice yesterday."


On hearing the fans' criticism:
"Walking off the field, people are yelling at you and everything, so it's kind of hard not to hear it... It's hard not to hear about all that stuff. I try to do my best to just try to block it out, because it doesn't really matter."

On how the season has affected him:
"I'm doing good. It's just kind of frustrating because we shouldn't have lost that game. We just gave it away in a couple of different aspects. In a couple other losses, we had some problems with the offense with a whole bunch of different things. But in that game, we were doing a really good job of moving the ball down the field and everything was kind of clicking for us. It was very frustrating, because as a team, I felt that we were playing well, but it just got away from us."


On Yates:
"What the fans and the media don't see is that you can't always blame it on the quarterback. Sometimes guys run the wrong route. Sometimes there is a blitz that's unexpected. So I still have confidence in T.J. T.J. is still my quarterback until a change is made."

On the Virginia Tech game:
"We need to make a big statement on Thursday. We need to go out here and prepare and have a good week of practice and a great week of film study. We need to go out there and have our ‘A' games, because they're going to bring their ‘A' games. It's Thursday night in Blacksburg. I've been dreaming about playing a Thursday night game in Blacksburg since I was in middle school."

More on Yates:
"I have complete confidence in T.J. T.J. is our quarterback. T.J. is our leader on offense and he's also one of the leaders on the team. Nobody is going to play a perfect game all of the time. I feel like at the quarterback position, you can have a great game all game, but if you make one or two bad plays, all of the blame is on you."

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