Ford Checks Out UNC

Josh Ford attended the North Carolina-Florida State game last Thursday in Chapel Hill in order to learn more about the UNC program.

"Once we got down there, there really wasn't anything that I saw that I didn't like," Ford said. "There was nothing unattractive about it – the campus, the town, the people, the players, the stadium, the weight room."

Ford, a 6-foot-2, 187-pound wide receiver, made the visit with Washington (D.C.) Coolidge teammate Eriq Lewis. Before the game, they received a campus tour, watched the Old Well Walk, and then ate lunch with fellow recruits and UNC coaches.

During the game, Ford said he couldn't help but be impressed with the atmosphere of Kenan Stadium.

"Just looking at the stadium before we even went out there had me hyped, because the way it looked," Ford said. "Before the game even started and before the stadium even was packed, it was loud in there. But the crowd was packed during pre-game warm-ups. I know the town really supports the team.

"Once the game started, the team was real live [and] the crowd was going back and forth with the Florida State people. It wasn't a hostile environment, but you could definitely feed off the crowd."

During lunch and in the weight room following the game, Ford spoke to several members of UNC's staff. The prevailing topic was the possibility of Ford prepping at Hargrave Military Academy.

According to Ford, he could enroll at Hargrave as early as this January.

"My goal is to get my academics to where they need to be and then transfer to whatever college I choose," Ford said. "I haven't had any conversations with the Hargrave coaches, yet. I'm still in the process of finding out how everything is going to go. Coach Jason Lane, my head coach, he talks to me most about it."

Ford's academic situation is, as he describes it, "shaky." However, it has improved in recent years. He wasn't academically eligible to play football as a freshman or sophomore, but worked on his grades enough to join the team for his junior season.

"Before, there wasn't really anyone pushing me in school," Ford said. "I've always had dreams to play football, but I didn't start chasing my dreams. After a while, I was like ‘This is something I know I really want to do, so I have to go chase it.' But I put myself in a situation academically that I know I had to work to get out of."

Despite his less than ideal academic situation, Ford has received scholarship offers from Kansas, New Mexico, and Utah. He said he's holding out for a UNC offer.

"I know if [UNC] offers me, I most likely will commit," Ford said. "… When I went to UNC [Thursday], after what I saw there was nothing that I didn't like. Everything, pretty much, put a smile on my face about the place. There's nothing bad I could say about it."

Ford says that unless UNC offers, he'll likely head to Hargrave uncommitted.

During the Evaluation Period, UNC assistant coach John Blake dropped by Coolidge and watched Ford, as well as teammate Martize Barr, practice. Since then, Ford said he has communicated "on and off" with Marcus Berry, UNC's Director of Player Personnel.

At the Combine held in Baltimore this past spring, Ford ran a 4.44-second 40-yard dash, after measuring in at 6-foot-2 and 187 pounds. He also clocked a 4.26-second 20-yard shuttle.

Thus far this season, Ford has recorded 18 catches for 403 yards and ten touchdowns.

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