Going down to the wire for Young

UNION, S.C. – The consensus from his coaching staff is that North Carolina prospect Eric Young probably already knows where he will fax his letter of intent tomorrow in a festive gala planned at Union Comprehensive High School.

But to further add a theatrical element to the festivities, Young is supposed to have four hats on a table representing UNC, Tennessee, Clemson and South Carolina. At approximately 11:30 a.m., he will adorn the hat of the school of his choosing.

Two years ago, Union standout Roscoe Crosby dramatically revealed a Clemson jersey under his coat at his signing day party.

"Big E wanted to do something a little different," Union assistant coach Kevin Flowers said. "He knows where he's going, I'm sure – he better know – but he hasn't told us."

But Young is apparently not letting the cat out of the bag, not even to his own mother…or so she told IC late Tuesday afternoon.

"He's not telling me much," she said. "He will make a decision known in the morning."

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