UNC-NCCU: Postgame Quotes & Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and various players, all of whom spoke to the media following Wednesday's victory over N.C. Central.

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Opening Remarks:

"For the most part I was much more pleased than I was the other night. We got a little sloppy in the first 1:52 of the second half - think we had 3 turnovers in that first 1:52. I thought we were more attentive. We're so much bigger than LeVelle's team - a couple times we were playing volleyball with it back and forth across the goal. I was more pleased tonight than I was Monday night. We need to have great practices Friday and Saturday and get ready for Valpo.

"The work around the basket was good - it's hard to score on us inside with Ed, John, Deon, and Z - we can block some shots. Our defense is getting better. We've got to do a better job on the break. I think this will be a really good team on the break, but right now we're not doing a good job getting spacing and those turnovers are because we're so tight to each other ...

"It was tough to maintain the concentration from the kids - they kept on looking at the score because they're young. I kept telling them not to look at the score, just play the game. But again we're satisfied with what we got and we got a lot of guys a lot of minutes. I like to look down and see Marcus played 23 minutes, Ed 22 and everyone else below that, so that part's good."


The team as a whole seems more focused on defense. What have you see in the form of progress on the defensive end?

"We're continuing to get better. It's something that's going to take all year, really, for us to get into that good swing of things defensively. It's just something that we're trying to get better at every day and I thought we did a better job today defensively than we did Monday night and we hope to make that a continuing trend and keep getting better and better."

For years you've been known as a defender and rebounder - are you going to be known as a scorer now?

"Over the summer, obviously working on a lot of things offensively ... I'm just really trying to get outside of being labeled. Everyone wants to label you as one thing, but I just want to be a player and do anything and everything I can ... There's no question that I'm more aggressive offensively with seeing openings and taking those open shots, versus looking for that extra pass."


You shot 6-for-6 tonight - are you feeling more comfortable with your shot?

"Yeah, definitely. It's just one of those things where you've got to keep working on it, getting in the flow and hopefully it can continue to progress. ... I felt a lot more comfortable today (than on Monday) - just a lot more relaxed, playing my game."

With so many big guys on this team, how do you find your spots and figure out your role?

"You've just got to play to your abilities. When you go in you've got to add something to the team, but at the same time you've got to play within yourself. ... I forget how much stronger I am now, I'm still trying to get used to it."


What differences do you see in Tyler Zeller's game this year?

"He's just more confident in his game. Last game he wasn't to happy with himself personally, saying he just didn't feel comfortable out there, didn't feel like himself. Tonight after I talked to him he said he felt more comfortable and that was his game. It's good to see him get up and down the floor, being that big and able to move that well is fun to watch. ... He looks good running up and down the court, blocking shots, dunking and his quick little hook. ... (Running the floor) and the fact that he's seven-feet tall doing that as well so he's a big target to find and he's aggressive on the boards."

This also was an improved showing by Dexter Strickland ...

"He was definitely better. It's good to see our guys getting better in every game and that was only one game, so in five games think about how much better he'll be. It's encouraging to see our young guys get better."


Your teammates have no trouble telling you and your brother apart by now, right?

"Yeah, they've got it down easy. They don't even think we look (exactly) alike and there are some differences, so they have no problems anymore. ... He's a little bigger than I am, he has facial hair, I'm a little taller and our personalities are a little different, too, so they can pick us out pretty easy."

For a stretch late in the second half the lineup was all five freshmen. What was that like?

"It was definitely a lot of fun. We knew we were all in together and we knew we needed to do well and show that we're the next generation of Tar Heel players. That's how the practice squads are in practice, with the older guys together and the freshmen together."

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