Dorsey Enjoys UNC Official

Wayne Dorsey was in North Carolina over the weekend for his second official visit.

"It was good," Dorsey said. "I really enjoyed myself."

Heading into the visit, Dorsey, a 6-foot-8, 255-pound defensive end from Mississippi Gulf Coast CC, wasn't claiming a leader and was focusing heavily on Florida State, Mississippi, and UNC. That hasn't changed.

"I'm still going into [the recruiting process] with a wide open mentality," Dorsey said. "I'm just going to take all the positives and the negatives from North Carolina and when I get back [home], I'm going to write it all down and put it to the side."

Dorsey's mind was mostly consumed by positives.

"Coach Blake is a real good guy, for real," Dorsey said. "He's a real good teacher of the game. Everyone I've talked to has nothing but nice things to say about him. What he's done with d-linemen like myself is really something that catches me.

"North Carolina is just a program on the rise. They beat Miami three years straight now…Their proximity from home is a good thing – my family can come see me play. They have players from Maryland on the team. I got to talk to pretty everyone from Maryland on the team and they showed a lot of love and wanted me to come and be a part of something special that's going on there."

Dorsey is scheduled to officially visit Florida State this weekend. The Seminoles host ACC rival Maryland Saturday.

"I'm going to try to go into it with a clear mind, so that I'm not thinking about North Carolina or any of my other visits – Mississippi State or Ole Miss," Dorsey said.

Thus far, Mississippi is the only other school Dorsey has officially visited. He visited Oxford in early October.

"I had the exact same feeling at both [UNC and Mississippi]," Dorsey said. "I like both of them and I can definitely see myself fitting in, in both situations… I can't say something negative about either [visit] and I really enjoyed both of them. I want to see both [schools] with a clear head. I was wowed by both visits."

During Thanksgiving break, Dorsey plans to go home and discuss his recruiting situation with his family. He could decide to choose between the three schools he has officially visited or he could deem it necessary to continue to visit schools.

"I'm going to be home that whole week, so I'm going to use that time to talk to my whole family," Dorsey said. "I'm just going to get their opinions on what they think. Ultimately it's my decision, but my family's opinion matters to me."

Accompanied by his mother and high school coach, Dorsey arrived in Chapel Hill for his UNC official visit Friday afternoon.

Fellow Maryland native Zach Brown served as Dorsey's host for his stay.

"There's a lot that we can relate with," Dorsey said. "He's a real cool guy. He gave me a real good perspective on UNC. I had a couple of questions that he answered truthfully."

Dorsey also spent a great deal of time with Marvin Austin, Greg Little, and Kevin Reddick.

Both Friday and Saturday night Dorsey went out with UNC players.

"I had fun" Dorsey said of his time with the players. "Everywhere I went, the fans showed me a lot of love and it wasn't like I was wearing a name tag – they just knew who I was. They told me how much they needed me."

Saturday afternoon, Dorsey watched UNC defeat Miami, 33-24. During the game, he says he focused primarily on the defensive ends.

"I watch how many sacks [the defensive ends] get, how many [tackles] they're in, [and] how they're used," Dorsey said. "I watch how I feel I would look in that same scheme."

Sunday afternoon, Dorsey met with Blake, UNC's defensive line coach and Dorsey's primary recruiter.

"Coach Blake and I have a good relationship," Dorsey said. "He reassured me that no matter what decision I make we'll still have a relationship bigger than football. And that's something different that nobody has come at me with and I like that about Coach Blake… We've gotten a close relationship over the past couple of months."

Before ending his visit, Dorsey met with Butch Davis.

"He told me being a junior college guy, I've got to make an educated decision and not a rushed one," Dorsey said. "… He told me he wanted me at Carolina."

Dorsey is on track to graduate from Mississippi Gulf Coast CC in December. He will enroll at his chosen school in January with two years of eligibly, plus a red-shirt season, available.

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