VIDEO - Gedin LOI and interview

<i>Inside Carolina</i> met with one of UNC's future stars as he signed his letter of intent yesterday. Watch exclusive video as linebacker Kory Gedin and his uncle seal the deal. Also, check out an exlusive interview just as the ink was drying.

Inside Carolina has exclusive video
of Kory Gedin.

Here is the LOI signing and an interview of Gedin in Windows Media 9 format. The new version of Realplayer will also play Media 9 files (you may have to download them though). They are setup to stream for those with a broadband connection (DSL/Cable/T1).

A mp3 version of the file is available for audio only of the interview and may be the better choice for older computer systems with slow internet connections. The mp3 file will play on any version of Windows, Real, or Quicktime players and many other media player types.

Dial-up users should be able to download a file in about 5-20 minutes (depending on connection speed/size of file). To download just right click on the link and choose "SAVE TARGET AS" and choose a location on your hard drive to download.

Video 15.1MB

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signing 6.00MB

If you have any problem, send your e-mails to Tom Perrone.

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