Wednesday Butch Davis Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Butch Davis spoke with reporters Wednesday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening remarks:
The entire second of the season it just seems like every week presents a pretty significant challenge. This weekend is not different. I've been unbelievably impressed with Boston College, not only with the film and the play of their team, but with their coaching staff. Frank [Spaziani] has done a great job coming in. A lot of times when you're in a transition from one head coach to the next head coach, sometimes you see a little bit of disarray where the program's struggling a little bit, but I tell you, their identity hasn't struggled at all. I think Frank's longevity at school there has helped them maintain the defensive presence that they have. Offensively, they're playing really, really well and they've put themselves in position to compete for a division championship."

What's your opinion of the ESPN/USA Today Coaches' Poll final ballots now being made public?
"I don't have a problem with it… At the end of [last] season, I voted that it was okay to release how I had been voting or how we vote on the last one. So I really don't have a problem at all."

On traveling to Boston:
"Obviously, early in the season when you haven't had a team that's traveled and been on the road, that's always a concern. Hopefully as you get later into the season, your players get into a routine and they realize the purpose of the trip. That's it's a business trip and you're going there to play as well as you possibly can. One of the things that we've tried to do in places where I've been the head coach or as an assistant coach is to try to maintain the routine through the course of the week as similar [as possible] for home games as for road games.

"We'll work out here in Chapel Hill on Friday just as if we were playing a home game, and then at the conclusion of that, then we'll break and shower and have a little bit of a meal before we get on the plane and leave. And then that night's meetings and schedule is identical to us staying at a hotel locally.

On the three-game winning streak:
"We're fortunate that we've played pretty solid defense through that entire stretch. We haven't self-destructed… The margin for error our football team is so small that we've got to win the turnover war that you can't shoot yourself in the foot. We were fortunate in the Virginia Tech win that with the one turnover that we did have that did turn into a touchdown down inside the 10-yard-line, we did get two turnovers from Virginia Tech.

"One probably prevented the possibility of a score or touchdown, and then the other one definitely set up the opportunity to kick the game-winning field goal. It's a lot of those kinds of things. We've just been able to play solid. There are times when we're not spectacular, but we hope that our kids give good effort and we try not to beat ourselves."

Do you wish there was a little more merit to the bowl selection process?
"That's always been the privilege, though, of the bowl itself. If you go back through the history and tradition of most of these, you get the idea that they want to provide a great experience for the people that come there. They want to try to create – on paper, at least – the best matchup. What's exciting? What's going to be good for the fans and good certainly for television? But you wish that there was some merit that went into it that as you win, hopefully your record will speak to the opportunity where you can get a chance to play."

On what enabled Kendric Burney to intercept three passes against Miami:
"First of all, you have to understand that Kendric's got really good football instincts and awareness. And a lot of that is a byproduct of years of experience. He's been the starter now going into his third season. He watches a lot of film and I think he's a great teaching lesson for a lot of young kids that you don't get chances to make plays like that just by accident, even if you have good football instincts. You still have to have some kind of awareness of route recognition, the down-and-distance, what the computer tells you about where they do these kinds of things on the field. There's a lot that goes into it."

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