Clyburn Waiting On UNC Offer

North Carolina appears close to extending P.J. Clyburn a scholarship offer.

"They're working out something," Clyburn said. "They're mostly talking to my coach.

"They want me. Coach ‘Mo' [Allen Mogridge] called me [Wednesday] and asked me if my ears have been itching. I said ‘No, but my eye has been jumping a lot.' He busted out laughing and said ‘Well, we've been talking about you a lot ever since you left Sunday.'"

Clyburn, a 6-foot-1, 202-pound athlete from Statesville (N.C.) West Iredell, attended UNC's final two home games of the season – against Duke and Miami. Both visits provided him an opportunity to spend time with Mogridge, his primary recruiter.

"[Mogridge] just told me to trust him," Clyburn said. "We have built a strong relationship."

Arkansas, East Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky, NC State, and South Carolina have offered Clyburn a scholarship.

If Clyburn wants to attend UNC – or any other in-state school – he will have to attend a prep school for at least a semester.

"Actually, my coach and I sat down and talked about [prep school Wednesday]," Clyburn said. "I would have to go [to a prep school] to get caught up in my math. I have everything else, but time is running out and I won't be able to take the last math that I need."

The NCAA Clearinghouse requires three approved math courses. But the UNC system requires four math courses for enrollment.

Clyburn has taken two math courses and will take a third during his final semester.

Clyburn says whether he preps a semester or not depends on what school he signs with in February.

"It doesn't matter what I have to do," Clyburn said. "I just want to be successful in life... I'm just going to take my official [visits], see how everything goes, see if I fit in with the team and how I feel on campus."

Clyburn has scheduled an official visit to South Carolina for the weekend of Nov. 28. Also, he has been discussing official trip dates with Illinois and UNC, and plans to officially visit ECU.

Clyburn says the four schools he plans to officially visit are his favorite schools.

"You can get good degrees from all of them – especially from [North] Carolina," Clyburn said.

With the exception of UNC, Clyburn is being recruited as a safety. The Tar Heels coaching staff projects him as a linebacker.

"[The UNC staff] was comparing me to a lot of linebackers that came through there," Clyburn said. "Most of them can hit real hard, but they can't cover man-to-man. They said I can cover man-to-man and I can hit hard."

Clyburn prefers to continue to play safety into his collegiate career.

"I know I have the frame and the footwork for linebacker, but I've trained as a DB," Clyburn. "If I had to play linebacker, I'll play it. But if I don't have to play it, I don't want to."

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