Butch Davis Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Butch Davis said on his radio program Wednesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On becoming bowl eligible:
"We want to finish a lot stronger than we did last year. We felt like that once we got bowl eligible a year ago, everybody decompressed and said, ‘Golly, we're so grateful and we're so thankful.' But I think this year the whole mindset of the football team is dramatically different. There's a lot of unfinished business."

On Boston College's 17-3 home record over the past three seasons:
"They do play well there. I guess I've been coaching long enough that I actually coached as an assistant against Boston College when they played in Foxboro back in 1985. But once they moved back on campus, they created what we have. They have a stadium that's right in middle of campus, they get all of their students there, their alumni come [and] it's a loud place to play. They're 6-0 this year and I tell you what, you better be prepared to go on and not only handle the noise and the crowd, but a good football team that's well coached.

On the win over Miami:
"It's a great tribute to our assistant coaches and our players. Every single week, our coaches have really done an outstanding job of looking at the challenges of the team that we're playing and coming up with creative game plans, offensively, defensively and on special teams, to give us the best opportunity to win. And then the people that put it to work are the players. They go out and execute.

"When you look at last week's game… our kids went out there and they knew what we had to do to win the game. We had to create some turnovers. We had to play error-free football from an offensive perspective and take advantage of the opportunities to score points. Certainly the performance of the defense and what Kendric Burney did with the interceptions… All of those things were huge and played a part in our success last Saturday."

On the freshmen currently red-shirting:
"Some of the kids that you don't know anything about are really having good freshman years because they're getting some of the things that they need to do. David Collins – you hate to even mention this, but he broke his foot last week in practice and had a screw put in it. But he was doing an outstanding job on the scout team as an offensive tackle. He'll be fine; he'll be back for spring practice. He just stepped the wrong way. He had a stress fracture in high school that probably should have been fixed and it wasn't. But he's done a really, really fine job.

"Curtis Campbell and Terry Shankle – some of the kids playing in the secondary – they're doing a nice job. For some kids, it's a real benefit to get the opportunity to take the pressure off them and not have to go out there and put themselves in a position [of having to play] until they're ready to play. These guys are going to have fine careers when it's their turn."

How much money has been raised through the Touchdown for a Cure program to be given to Eagles linebacker Mark Herzlich:
"Right now, we've got $12, 494 that we're going to be able to present to Mark this Saturday at the Boston College game."

Have you considered changing the Kenan Stadium Field's grass to field turf to accentuate team speed?
"I don't think I ever would. The natural beauty of it is one thing, but I think also from the safety standpoint. There's nothing safer to play football on than natural grass. Field turf is definitely an upgrade over the artificial turf of the old days when they used to call it Astroturf. That was injuries waiting to happen with that, and they've dramatically changed it with the field turf. It's a lot softer and it's a little more pliable and a little more giving.

"But from the standpoint of playing games – when you're only going to play seven or possibly eight home games, there's nothing better [than grass]. And if you cut the grass tight enough, you can have all of the speed you want with that kind of a surface."

'Butch Davis Live' airs Wednesday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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