UNC-SU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and various Tar Heels, who spoke to the media following the 87-71 loss to Syracuse in the 2K Sports Classic benefiting Coaches vs. Cancer on Friday.

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Opening remarks:
"I don't think anybody has to try to figure out anything magical. We got our tails beat by a very good basketball team. The second half for us was about as bad as you could play – I would hope we can't play worse than that. The first two possessions of the second half, we shoot two air balls and the next two possessions we turn it over, so the first four possessions of the second half we don't have a shot to hit the rim. They gave us some problems. Their big guys did a great job of getting our big guys buried so close to the basket.

"And then when they subbed and put Wesley at the 4-spot, we didn't have an answer for guarding him. His quickness and his ability to shoot the 3-point shot and take it to the basket – we didn't have an answer for matching up with that. We just got in a rut and it was a snowball effect. There was not a lot that we did well in the second half.

"We had a little flurry where we cut it from [20] down to 10 and we had the ball. I didn't think our guys would quit and I don't think they did. But we had a couple of loose balls that they pick up and lay up on the other end when we're trying to comeback.

"It's frustrating; there's no question about that. But we've got to play better. It's not the way we wanted to play, to say the least. We thought we needed to do a great job on the backboards [and] we thought we needed to do a great job on our movement on offense against their zone and we didn't do a great job on either one of them.

"And then they're good. It's amazing – I don't know where they picked in the league, but when they lost their exhibition game, everybody was saying that Syracuse was not very good. I would hate to play that non-Division I team [Le Moyne] on a regular basis if they are better than Syracuse."


What happened when you got hurt?
"Two-hundred sixty met 210. That's really what happened. I just got big-boy'd… Side, rib, I don't know. Yeah, my stomach's hurting, but it's the least of our worries."

How was Syracuse able to dominate the beginning of the second half?
"They just came out a lot more focused, a lot more intense. We were playing… Coach was saying cautious. We came out not really attacking them and they got us back on our heels. They were taking advantage of every opportunity we gave them. We felt like were giving them a lot of extra opportunities that they weren't giving us."


What will the team take out of this loss?
"It's definitely a learning experience. Coach goes over things with us over and over. At some point in time, we as a team have to put it into action and be more accountable. Coach keeps preaching the same stuff, but we've got to put action behind it."

Did the team get flustered in the second half?
"I think we kept fighting. I don't think we got flustered. When you're not making shots and they're continuously making shots, it makes it kind of hard to get back into the game. So we've got to give ourselves a chance by actually getting defensive stops instead of them scoring the ball."


What's the key for this team pushing the ball more?
"Just doing it. Just getting the ball up the court as quick as possible. Just me and Dexter being able to push the ball as fast as we can."

How difficult was Syracuse's zone tonight?
"The zone was pretty difficult. It kind of took me out of my rhythm tonight. We've never really faced anything like that before. Yes, you've got some teams that play zone, but not with the intensity and not to the extent that they played it today. They've pretty mastered the halfcourt zone defense, so it was tough."

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