UNC-UN: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and various Tar Heels, who spoke to the media following the 80-73 victory over Nevada on Sunday.

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Opening statement:
"Well, it was a heck of a night, needless to say. I was really impressed with my team over the last 10 minutes of the game more than I have been at any point this year. They were faced with a little adversity, and things were not going their way. All of a sudden the other team has a lead. But I thought we got more competitive at that time. We made some shots, got some defensive stops. If you play like that, you've got a chance…

"They're a good basketball team, but again, I was just pleased with my club. I loved the way that Deon and Ed really battled on the backboards, and then Larry Drew stepped up and made a couple of big-time shots for us."

On competing himself during the game:
"I thought that was a fun time. I made one move out there that I probably shouldn't have made, and I felt some pain at that time in my shoulder, but if that's all I've got to do to win, then I'll take that every night…. I had some pain pills I was supposed to take at halftime, and I got carried away in the moment. I forgot to take them."

On Larry Drew's performance:
"Needless to say, if you could have that every game, your point guard is doing a pretty good job. When you're 4-7 from the floor, and then 10 assists and 1 turnover, you're playing a very good basketball game. I think I've said all along, I think Larry's going to be a very good point guard, and he's going to do some things that are extremely important for us. I think he did that tonight. It's great for him to try to answer some of the critics. And he's still going to have them. He's being compared to Ty Lawson and Raymond Felton. But he still had a good night for us to say the least."

On win No. 600:
"As I said out there, it's a lot of great players, great assistant coaches. Those people, I don't think you'll ever hear Roy Williams say "I won 500" or "I won 600." I'm going to say "We won this." That's really what I believe. I'm not being corny, it's exactly what I believe."


On the team's intensity over the closing minutes of the game:
"I think we definitely competed. It was so good to see, see guys step up, see Larry Drew step up and hit two big-time threes. That really kept us going. That last six minutes, we really competed, and that goes back to practice with Coach. He really got on us about guys just competing. He put a lot of things into practice where it was a lot of games and things – and then we had running at the end. He definitely did some things in practice that carried over into the game tonight."

On the close competition from Nevada:
"We just use this and continue to go into those games, you know, we're going to have a dogfight with Michigan State on Tuesday. This game – tip your hat to Nevada. They didn't go away. They have some very tough players. But I think we did good on the defensive end."

On his second straight 20-point game:
"It's just teammates finding me. I'm posting up low, and the ball's just going into the basket right now. So it's definitely a good thing."


On the close game:
"It was really fun. Our crowd got into it and really got us pumped up. And then we hit some big shots. Marcus made some big plays. It was fun to battle. That's what basketball is all about."

On the team's rematch with Michigan State:
"Yeah, it's going to be a lot of fun. They've been hyping it up a lot on ESPN. It should be a real good game. We do think about it all the time—all the big games, the Kentucky game coming up. But now we're really focused on Michigan State, because they're a great team."


On his big night:
"I just did the things I needed to to get my team the win. I'm not out there trying to do things for myself. I'm just trying to do good things for the team. [But] it was a small goal I tried to set for myself, you know, I was wondering when I was going to have my first double-double. Thankfully it came tonight, and we got the win on top of that."

On his two late three-pointers:
"I just stepped into my shot, did all the things I worked out over the summer mechanics wise. It felt good from the time the first one left my hand. And the second one felt even better."

On Roy Williams's challenge to the team at the 6-minute mark:
"Coach said he just wanted to see what we were made of. He wanted to see how tough we were, and whether we were going to respond to the adversity or not. We went out there and played basketball the way we know how to play. And we got the win."

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