BB: Friday PC Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and Ed Davis, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels prepare for Saturday's road clash with Kentucky.

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Can you elaborate a little bit on how far along you got in your recruitment of John Wall?
"Not a lot. Meaning, not a lot that I'm going to elaborate because not all recruiting has to be public. Some things it is still ok in the world to be private. I had a conversation with John, he visited [and] a couple of things happened immediately after that that made me make the decision not to go any further. I loved him as a player. I've gone on record as saying I thought he was the best point guard prospect I've seen in high school basketball since Jason Kidd. I thought he would have been a great player for us, but things just didn't fit - some shoes don't fit.

"The whole scenario was a difficult one because I loved him to death and tried very hard to recruit him earlier. I think he came over to one or two football games and we left tickets two or three times for him to come over to a basketball game and some things happened and he never did come. That was during his junior year, I guess. And I'm not positive, so make you put in ‘I guess.' The last couple of days we've seen people pull things out just to make their own story, regardless of whether it was the truth or not. Then the week of the Final Four I had a conversation with him - that was his senior year - and I think that's the only phone conversation I had with him that entire year."

So you didn't officially offer him?
{Shakes head no}

How much of a priority is it to get some of the younger players that big-game experience for down the road?
"During the course of a game, I'm probably not going to make many decisions that we need to get so-and-so some time to help us later on. It's the whole focus of my program in everything. We do it every day in practice, we do it in games. Once you get into the course of that game and particularly in the second half, you're going to put people in there that you want at that specific time. But I do that with everything.

"Today, some guys are working out with the white team that worked out with the blue team yesterday. I don't think that you can expect people to get better unless you give them some opportunities and so we try to do that a lot."

Anything stand out to you after reviewing the Michigan State game film?
"I'm obviously discouraged the way that we ended the game. We have three turnovers, give up two or three offensive rebounds and miss four free throws in a row in the last three minutes. So you don't want to finish a game like that. If you do, you'd better have played your tail off before that."

On UNC's first road game on Saturday:
"It'll be a hostile environment and I think you've got to get ready for that. It was a hostile environment in the Garden because it was a lot closer to Syracuse than it was to Chapel Hill, but it wasn't a true road game… You just have to stay focused. Focus on our bench and what's going on on the court and keep everything else out of it. And then do the best that you possibly can to hold your concentration regardless of whether things are going good or going poorly."



On stopping John Wall:
"It's going to be a team effort to try to stop John Wall. He's a great point guard – one of the top point guards in the country. So this is going to be a team effort."

On the matchup with Patrick Patterson:
"I think it's going to be fun. I played AAU with Patrick when I was in high school, so it will be fun to play against him again."

What can you tell the freshmen about playing in a hostile environment like Rupp Arena?
"I don't think I can really say much, because I haven't played in front of a crowd like that on the road, other than like Maryland and Wake Forest. But they say Rupp Arena is a whole different experience, so it should be fun."

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