Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On UNC's approach to defending John Wall:
"Most of the time, I like to take the guy who can beat you the easiest and beat you the most and try to cut his percentage down. That's what we tried to do with Blake [Griffin], and we tried to do that with John Wall. I'm telling you – for two days, our biggest emphasis was let's sprint back, turn around and help the point guard stop John Wall's penetration and sprint back on the break. We ran back a couple of times on that tape where it looked like me and [Woody]. I'm talking about right now. Not in our prime, but right now. By gosh, I know we're slow now. Heck, I thought I was looking at the Six Million Dollar Man. We were running in slow motion.

"We just flat out didn't do what we were supposed to do. So that was not the plan. We wanted to try to stop their break and we wanted to attack them back. And I honestly believe this – at halftime they had 12 fast break points and North Carolina had zero. I think that may be the first game that I have ever coached that we didn't score a fast break bucket in a whole half. And that was our emphasis. Let's stop them and let's run it right back up their tails and see if they're going to run back. I was speaking a foreign language there, and we have nobody on our team that specializes in my foreign language."

On turnovers:
We gave them a stat that we put up in the locker room, posted it. Points off turnovers. We've got to cut down giving other teams points off turnovers. In the first half, [Kentucky] had 20 points off of our turnovers. In the second half, they had three. So you just can't do those kinds of things. And I'm not just saying that it's the kids. You know why we played poorly? By God, I did a poor job. That's the bottom line. I've got to get them playing better. It's both of us."

On helping players prepare for the NBA:
"We talk about it when I recruit them. I say, ‘My No. 1 goal is to win games. Period. The end. My No. 2 goal is to help you reach your dreams.' And every player I've ever coached, when they've gone into the NBA, I would call after a month or whatever and ask, ‘Did we have you prepared? Did the things that we do have you prepared for the pro practices and the pro games?' And every player said, ‘Coach, I'm so far ahead of everybody else.'

"Paul Pierce, I'll never forget this. I called Paul and said, ‘Paul, did we get you prepared for what they're asking you to do?' He said, ‘Coach, I'm so far ahead of these other knuckleheads that it's not even close.' And Marvin Williams and Sean May and Raymond Felton… So that's my second job is to help them reach their individual dreams and then I try to sell to them – and they have to buy into it – that if our team does well, then they will taken care of with their individual dreams, too."

On UNC's post options playing soft:
"I think you're right. John Henson – and I love the boy to death and he's got a chance to be a big-time player – John had two shots on Saturday from collectively about 15 inches and got both of them blocked. He tried to dunk the ball twice and they blocked his dunk shot. That's maturity; it's strength. It is a physical nature kind of thing, but we're really concerned about John. I'm shoving more food at that boy that you've ever seen in your entire life.

"We got on the bus [on Sunday] and they have these snacks and I had ordered some buffalo wings and I wasn't in the mood to eat anyway, so John got on the bus and he had his own food and I gave him all of my buffalo wings. But the bottom line is that John is still stretching when he steps up on those scales – he's below 190. So he's got to get stronger [and] he's got to get bigger and that only comes with time. But I do believe that Deon one time and ‘Z' one time and Will Graves one time… Will Graves has got all that he wants. I wish that he would shave off a little bit of that and put it on John's body. Will went in with something too soft in the first half and got stripped. ‘Z' went up soft one time. Deon went up too soft. I think that when you get within reach of the goal when you're big…

"Tyler Hansbrough is the best example. Tyler tried to put the ball in the basket and you in with it. And then, if the whistle blew, he would say, ‘Oh, Mr. Ref, did you call a foul?' A lot of guys go up there thinking they're going to get hit and start looking at the defense trying to draw a foul and they forget about making the basket. Better than anybody I've ever had, Tyler made the basket and then ‘oh, by the way, you did foul me, too.' So we do have to get stronger. We talked about that in the meeting [on Sunday]. We talked it about [yesterday]. I told John Henson, ‘If you want to be a great player,' and I pointed at Jonas Sahratian, ‘Attach yourself to that man's hip and do everything he says.'

"And I don't mind saying this. Some things I keep in the locker room, but Jonas has this deal that he's getting John to take his phone and take a picture of everything he eats. If Will Graves did that, Jonas doesn't have time to go through the dadgum pictures. And I'm not getting on Will – he knows I'm chewing his rear end out all of the time anyway."

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