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Roy Williams provided his side of the story concerning his altercation with a Presbyterian College fan during Saturday's victory during his radio show on Monday night, as well as giving an injury update for both Marcus Ginyard and Dexter Strickland.

Injury update:

Marcus Ginyard has had X-rays, has had bone scans – I think had two different types of bone scans. It's come to everybody's opinion that Marcus Ginyard has a bruised foot, a sore foot, and that's how we're going to treat it. The good news is that the bone scans, X-rays, MRI and everything came up negative, which means good. So there's no stress fracture there, nothing like that. He just has a bruised foot, so we're very pleased with that. And I think this week he'll be able to practice some, just depending on how much he can tolerate the pain.

"Dexter Strickland hurt his knee during Friday's practice. He went up to dunk one and said he felt a pop. They thought at that time that it was more hamstring than anything and after all of the tests and looking at it on Sunday and again on [Monday], the doctors have determined that it is a hamstring. He is feeling better today. So it's too early to make any determination on whether Dexter will be able to play on [Saturday], we'll just have to see about his comfort zone, but to me, both of those scenarios were good."

On the scrutinized incident with the Presbyterian College fan on Saturday:

It's strange that it has gotten a heck of a lot attention, but the good news is that I haven't had to pay too much attention to it. I haven't heard it, but people are telling me about it. It was unfortunate. Just to tell you in my opinion what happened… Let me give you some background first. In New York City, when we played Ohio State, it was the absolute worst scenario that I've ever had to put up with.

"A couple of guys about 10 feet from our bench screamed and yelled at us all night long. Yelled at our players and would say, ‘Deon Thompson – you stink.' But they didn't use the word ‘stink.' Or ‘Dexter Strickland – you stink,' but they didn't use the word ‘stink.' We had to listen to that garbage all night long and we had two different parents that sort of got a little disappointed, a little upset, could have gotten into a confrontation. The security guards did absolutely nothing and it really ticked me off. So I said, ‘I know we have to put up with that on the road, let's just go.' We didn't say anything. Joe Holladay was sitting two or three feet from the guy, but we didn't say anything whatsoever.

"Saturday night, all of a sudden, some guy stands up and starts yelling at Deon and it came from behind our bench. And you know how when some things happen, you instantly think of something? My first thought was, ‘Now our parents are having to listen to somebody else, and it's in our own building.' And so I turned around and I said, ‘Who said that?' And about 40-50-60-70-80 people started pointing up at this guy. The guy gets up and starts gyrating with his arms and everything like, ‘Yeah, it was me,' and that kind of thing. And it really did tick me off. I turned and said something to the ushers behind the bench and they started up through there, and I turned around and coached the game. I have no idea what happened. I never turned around to the guy again.

"But my feeling was immediately that our parents who sit right behind our bench have to put up with that stuff again in our own building. So that was it. And after the game, they told me that they had escorted the young man out. Supposedly what had happened was they had asked him for his ticket and he didn't have a ticket or wasn't supposed to be sitting in that seat. Supposedly, and I want to emphasis the word supposedly, he didn't cooperate as much as they wanted, and they chose to take him out.

"Am I disappointed in the whole thing? Yeah, I'm disappointed that it happened. I'm disappointed that I even reacted to it. But again, in our own building, I don't think that parents ought to have to listen to somebody chastising their son. And whether that's right or wrong, that's the way I am. If it's wrong, it's wrong. I hate that it happened. I wish that it never happened. Evidently, people have been getting after us all day [on Monday] or getting after me all day. But I tell you what, if that's the only thing they've got to get after me about, I'm a happy young man… If I'm wrong, then that's good, but I'm not apologizing."

On his shoulder surgery recovery:

"Eight more days until I get this dadgum brace off. If I can just make it eight more days without somebody hitting me upside the head or the shoulder or somewhere in that area. But it's been a royal pain in the shoulder. It hasn't been the most pleasant thing."

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