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ROEBUCK, S.C. --- Greenwood (S.C.) employs a ‘50' defense. Thus, Kelcy Quarles is completely at home in the South Carolina defense, which will use a similar scheme in the Shrine Bowl on Saturday.

"It really does give me an advantage," Quarles said. "Most guys come from a 4-3 or 3-4 [defense] and had played linebacker and are playing line or played line are playing linebacker. I feel comfortable with what I'm doing."

Quarles, a 6-foot-4, 245-pounder, will line up at strong-side 4-technique (head up on the offensive tackles)

Quarles missed a portion of the Monday morning practice with a "minor" ankle injury.

"My cleat got stuck in the mud and I twisted my ankle," Quarles said. "I came back and fought it out, but I got treatment between practices. I'm not going to let anything keep me out of practice."

Quarles has been verbally committed to South Carolina for over a year now. However, he has second guessed that decision several times throughout the process.

Quarles is scheduled to take an official trip to South Carolina during the weekend of Jan. 15. But that might not be the only school he will officially visit.

"I'll probably visit South Carolina and Tennessee," Quarles said. "If I don't visit Tennessee, South Carolina will probably be my only visit – unless something comes up."

Something may come up with North Carolina.

"Coach [John] Blake and I, we haven't been in touch with each other [lately], but my coach has been telling me [Blake] wanted me to get up there [for an official visit]," Quarles said. "I'm going to try to get in touch with [Blake] as soon as possible and maybe we'll get a date set up."

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