Shrine Bowl: Coach Speak

ROEBUCK, S.C. --- Inside Carolina talks with members of the Shrine Bowl coaching staff about the performance of the UNC recruits on the NC squad ...

Robbie Harris, Linebacker Coach

On Darius Lipford:

"First of all, he's a good kid. He's aggressive and he's hardnosed. He has fast feet, so we're hoping he's going to be able to not only cover but be able to support on the run, too."

On the responsibilities of the weak-side nine-technique - Lipford's position:

"He's basically an outside linebacker for us with what he's doing. He's going to be able to be a cover guy for us, but he's also going to be able to help us in the flats, he's also going to be able to support some [against] the run, too."

Scott Young, Offensive Line Coach

On Ethan Farmer:

"Ethan has been very good for us. He's been very good for us on the blocking for the run game. I also think he's a legitimate pass receiving threat.

"[He's] a kid with that size and speed and he seems like a really good kid on top of it. I'm enjoying working with him this week. We've got to try to finish this thing up and keep getting after it and hopefully he'll perform well come Saturday."

On the tight end usage:

"Well, we have three tight ends. We've got Ethan Farmer and [East Carolina pledge] Trevor Sawyer; and those guys are legitimate run blocking and pass receiving tight ends. Our third tight end is Devon Moore, who played offensive line on his high school team, and he's going to be one of our blocking specialists – we're not going to release him down the field in pass patterns very much. I've been real pleased with all three of them."

How often will tight ends be used as receivers?

"When Coach [Jim] Oddo and Coach [Anthony] Barbour decide to call their number, we're expected to go down there and make the play. But we didn't try to mislead them – they know they're here to block."

Lenon Fisher, Defensive Line Coach

On Kareem Martin:

"He's just a heck of an athlete. He does a tremendous job no matter what you ask him to do. [He] has a good personality [and] has good work ethics. He plays hard and he's real physical – and that's what we were looking for.

"We've been pleased with him up here, as well as what we saw on film. He's going to be a player for us."

On the responsibilities of the strong-side nine-technique - Martin's position:

"He's mainly what we call our stud end. Anytime they have a tight end, he's going to line up that [side]… But most of the time he's playing the run and giving a little pass rush off the edge."

Will he drop into coverage at all?

"Only in a couple situations. But other than that, he's going to be our rush end."

Mike Newsome, Quarterbacks and Receiver Coach

On Reggie Wilkins:

"Reggie is electric… He runs good routes. He's got things that he's got to work on, but with the ball in his hands he's special."

On Lamar Ivey:

"We took him as an athlete. We used him at a couple different positions. It just kind of worked out where we needed him at receiver more than anything else. He's got to concentrate and catch the football, which is something he hasn't done in a while. But he's a special athlete as well, so he can do some thing with the football."

On Ivey's and Wilkins' transition from quarterback to receiver:

"I think they've been great with it, because they know that that's what they have to do if they want to go to college and play – they're not going to be quarterbacks in college. They both know and understand that. So I think this was an opportunity for them to show their skills at receiver and they've accepted it and done a great job."

Considering how run-dominant the offense figures to be, how will the wide receivers fit into the game plan?

"We have a few wrinkles that we're going to put in and sneak those guys in the game and do some things with those receivers. We didn't take many receivers, because we knew we'd be limited at that. We took some guys that could play quarterback and run some things at quarterback, too. We have a lot of options there."

Could we see them line up somewhere besides receiver?

"You could see them at ‘Wildcat,' definitely."

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