UNC-Pitt: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis and various Tar Heels, who spoke to the media following the 19-17 loss to Pittsburgh on Saturday.

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Opening Statement:
"We had a lot of respect for Pitt and for their football team. We knew their running game was a very good running game. They had a talented running back that could make guys miss in the hole. It was going to take a good cooperative team effort defensively to minimize the damage. You're not going to shut somebody like that out. We just wanted to keep them out of the end zone. In some respects I think we did some things very well tonight.

"One thing we didn't do is we didn't play as smart as we needed to. Some of the things we did, we shot ourselves in the foot field position wise as a result of things we didn't do and that is my fault. As a football coach I have to take responsibility for composure, not losing your composure, staying in the moment and playing in the game and playing as hard as you possibly can.

"I'm very proud of this football team and this football program. The mileage we have gone in these three seasons, back to back winning seasons and back to back bowl games these last two years, we've covered an awful lot of ground, but we haven't even scratched the surface of where we want to go. There are going to be bigger and better things in the future."

On pinning Pittsburgh on its five-yard line in the fourth quarter:
"They are a good football team. There is probably a reason they were 35 seconds away from going to the Orange Bowl as Big East conference Champions. Here is something I've been telling our football program for three years. The only way you're going to find out if you're any good is if you start playing good football teams. You play good teams, it reveals a lot about you. It doesn't do you any good to go out and beat teams 42-0."

On Dion Lewis:
"He reminds me of Clinton Portis. He has that same explosiveness in the hole as Portis. He can jump straight, sideways, spin and cut. Because of his speed and because of his quickness he doesn't take a lot of blows."

On Greg Little's touchdown and ensuing theatrics:
"For the first time Greg Little got to play the position for a full year for the position we recruited him to play. When we recruited him to play, we said this is a prototypical, big time wide receiver. He is big, he's strong, he has great hands, he has run after catch. He didn't know anything about being a receiver. We wasted a lot of time trying to make a running back out of him just to get some speed at that position.... He had great presence to get his foot down inbounds. The other part of it -- we've still got some work to do."


On the offensive performance:
"We played well throughout the game. I thought offensively we passed the ball well. We just made some mistakes that hurt us throughout the game and especially at the end of the game."

On Greg Little:
During this season, he just became a great wide receiver. He perfected his craft. He's one of those guys I know I can throw the ball up to and he'll get it."


On 2010:
"We've got to go out and give the fans what they deserve. They deserve a winning product and that's what I'm going to come back and help do."

On the defensive effort:
"By any means, I don't think we did a good job on defense. Collectively we gave that drive away at the end. You just have to give them credit. They did what they had to do."

On his teammates and the NFL:
"I've been recruiting. I've been recruiting a couple of guys -- Quan and Bruce and Marvin and [Kendric Burney] and Greg Little. I tried to Al [Mullins] to come back, but Al's leaving."

How hopeful are you that they are coming back?
"I don't want you to be mad at me if they do leave, but it's looking pretty good right now."


On Dion Lewis:
"It was definitely hard to see him and he was elusive. He's a good running back."

On the offsides penalty:
"That was a definite killer. It went from a 47-yard field goal to a little chip shot. It definitely affected us, but you've got to go back to the previous 10 plays when they got down there."

On his NFL thoughts:
"It just depends on what day it is, to tell you the truth. Some days, I feel like I'm ready to go and play on the next level. I think I'm big enough and strong enough to play on that level and that I have the passion to play on that level. And then there are some days that I feel like I could get better at so many things."


On the move to center:
"It was a little different playing center. I haven't really had that much experience. I had 40 snaps against Duke. It was a good time and a great experience, but unfortunately we came out on the wrong end of the deal."


On his post-touchdown punt:
"It definitely [was] just being overwhelmed and congratulating my teammates."

Any chance you test the NFL waters?
"No, man. I'm Tyler Hansbrough. I'm all the way back."

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