GSK: Reggie Bullock Q&A

RALEIGH --- After posting 30 points and 13 rebounds in the opening round of the GSK Holiday Invitational, Kinston senior Reggie Bullock talked about his future as a Tar Heel ...


Thoughts on your performance leading your team to a win in the first game here?

It felt good. A lot of people in North Carolina don't think I should be ranked as high as I am because I get my teammates involved more than what I do - I'm not a flashy player ... I shoot shots and get my teammates involved; that's the position I play so that's what I do.

How much did your early commitment to North Carolina put you at ease in terms of having to impress out there?

Coach Williams basically told me that I impressed the person I wanted to impress - that's Coach Williams and he offered me a scholarship and I knew that's where I wanted to go - so I've just been glad I'm committed and been getting school work done and working hard.

I understand you have a relationship with fellow Kinston native Jerry Stackhouse. What's that like?

He's basically like a mentor. He keeps up with me, lets me know some of the things he's doing, telling me stuff I need to work on. He's probably a Dad to me - my dad passed away - I look up to him and try to put my city on my back.

Can you talk about the class you're coming in with? How do you feel like you and Harrison Barnes can complement each other?

Harrison, he's a great player; he works tremendously hard. He's one of the hardest workers I know. We had 6:30 workouts at NBA Camp and he was there every morning working out in the gym. I love his personality, I love Kendall (Marshall)'s personality - we're all like brothers. I'm looking forward to getting to Carolina.

Did you talk to Harrison right before he committed and try to convince him to come?

To be honest, I actually thought he was going to go to Duke. I was looking at it online when he was doing it and when he said "I'm coming to Carolina," Kendall and I were calling each other at the same time and he called us when he got off the stage. ... We were all three on a three-way.

What was said on that conference call?

He basically said that he loved Carolina, it had one of the best coaches you could play for, and he loved the way Coach Williams coached the game of basketball.

And what did you guys tell him?

[We said:] "Welcome to the family, all of us are like brothers and we're ready to put on a show when we get there."

Where do you see yourself fitting in as a freshman at UNC next year?

I see myself as a shooting guard/small forward, grabbing rebounds, leading my team - as a freshman [laughs] - just keeping my teammates involved and playing hard every game.

What's the thing you need to work on the most to be ready to make an impact in the ACC next year?

Probably a little ball handling, because no one is at their best with ball handling - that's always something you can work on. So ball handling, mid-range and upper body strength.

When you attended UNC's Alumni Game weekend in the fall, what was that like for you?

It was crazy - it's crazy how all the alumni come back and they keep it like a brotherhood. It's just like a family and that's one of the reasons I chose North Carolina.

How's your knee feeling? It didn't look like it was bothering you at all tonight.

Nah, I actually forgot my knee brace at the hotel, but I came out and played hard on it.

Carolina looks like a team that could use some three-point shooting. Can you talk about how you can help them in that regard?

We've got pretty good shooters, we've just not been knocking them down lately. Larry Drew can shoot the three. Guys set screens to get three-point shooters open, and that's what I'm coming there to do, so hopefully they'll get me open for three-point shots and I'll knock them down when we need them.


Can you talk about Reggie's versatility and the completeness of his game?

He's a great teammate. It's very rare that you find a young man going to the ACC that isn't going to put up a lot of shots and look at the stats at the end of the night and care about them. Reggie has never once asked for the scorebook in the four years that I've coached. He's never asked overall what he's averaging a year. He may ask how many boards or blocks, but that's just a pleasure to coach and a pleasure to teach a young man like that. There are a lot of coaches frustrated in America right now with kids taking 35-40 shots a game and their teammates won't talk to them in the locker room. That's the great thing about these guys - they're the best of friends and they find one another. It just makes for a good team setting, because if you don't have that in the locker room, you'll never win a championship.

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