2005 Spotlight: Josh McRoberts

The last time that the basketball staff at North Carolina pursued a big man in the basketball-crazed state of Indiana, they landed one of the nation's best in Sean May. Now Matt Doherty and Co. may be ready for another slugfest of a recruiting battle in Indiana.

But this time -- the prize is 2005 power forward Josh McRoberts.

A slender interior forward with shotblocking abilities, McRoberts is already being touted as the next big time player to come out of the state. All of the Big Ten schools are already recruiting the 6-foot-9, 210 pounder from Carmel High School. But one of them is coming on especially strong.

"Purdue, without a doubt", said McRoberts, when questioned as to which program was recruiting him the hardest. But believe us -- Purdue isn't the only program barking up this super sophomore's tree.

"Notre Dame, Xavier, Iowa and Indiana are also recruiting me though," he added.

North Carolina, from the ACC, is also reportedly very interested in the skilled sophomore as well.

"They've been sending me lots of stuff. They've also been sending my coach lots of stuff too," he noted about UNC.

McRoberts toured last summer with the Indiana based AAU squad, Hoosiers Hoops, where he led the 15 and under squad to the championship title at the Nike Memorial Day Classic. So far this season, the high major caliber prospect is averaging 16 points, 10 rebounds and approximately four rejections per game for Carmel, which is located in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis.

"We started off real slow this season," McRoberts said, "but since then, we've won seven of our last eight games and we're now 9-7 on the season."

Indiana-based basketball writer/talent evaluator Mike Pegram has seen McRoberts plenty of times.

"He has a real understanding of the game with his footwork from the post," Pegram said. "He's a terrific high post feeder and shows the potential to be a good shooter as well."

"He is the son of a former college player too," Pegram added, "so it is no surprise that he is well schooled fundamentally."

It's also noted that the sophomore has grown two full inches since last season and he may add to that total before he's done with high school.

"I think I still have some more room to grow," said McRoberts, who's father happens to be 6 foot 5 and mother is 5 foot 10. "I think my growth plates are still open."

Many area sources believe that McRoberts has already been offered a full scholarship by Purdue and Iowa. He's already visited Michigan State and plans to check out Michigan and Arizona in the near future.

But when questioned about having an early leader, the media savvy prospect said what most kids of his age should always say.

"I think I'm trying to leave all of my options open right now. I'm not a lock for any Big Ten school by any means. I'm willing to go anywhere if the situation is right."

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