Monday Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke with reporters Monday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening comments:
"It's going to be a great college atmosphere tonight. The College of Charleston people are really enthused, really fired up about it. We are enthused ourselves and hope that we will be able to go in and focus and play a great game. We'll need to. They're undefeated at home. We're struggling a little bit, health-wise. Marcus Ginyard, who when he's been healthy has started for us, is not playing tonight. Will Graves, when he's been healthy has started for us, will not play tonight.

"So more than likely, we'll start two freshmen in those spots. So we're not as healthy as we would like to be, not as positive as we would like to be at this time of year with every thing going on, but the bottom line is that we still get to play, so we're anxious to play and see how those guys do."

Who are the freshmen likely to be in the starting lineup?
"Dexter [Strickland] will start at one spot and I'm really being 100 percent honest, but either John Henson or David Wear will start at the other spot. We haven't made the decision yet as a staff. I told everybody to think about and give me their recommendations. We'll let everybody know at the pregame meal who the starters are going to be.

On last week's team meeting:
"We have team meetings all of the time. I can't understand… Several people have said something about it and I don't know what in the heck they're talking about, because we have team meetings all of the time throughout the course of the year. This was not a closed door and raise Cain with everybody and point fingers or anything like that whatsoever. It was just a normal meeting throughout the course of what we do the entire year."

On his view of how this team has progressed this season?
"It's been so unsettled without Marcus for those periods of time and without Justin [Watts]. I start Justin one game and the next game he can't play. So we've really been more unsettled than I want to be… To come to some good answers with your team, you need some situations where things are normal when you can have some consistent play. Then it's easier to make decisions when you've got everybody and they're playing and the whole bit. But we've changed people around quite a bit and without Marcus, it has been unsettled and we haven't had that consistency.

"I think the games that we have gotten good play in the backcourt and shot the ball well in the backcourt and not turned it over, we've been pretty doggone good. We've been really good in some stretches. The first 30 minutes the other night against Albany we were really pretty doggone good. The last seven-and-a-half minutes, we scored one field goal. We actually scored two points in the last seven-and-a-half minutes, because we missed our free throws as well.

"So we were concerned about that at the start of the year and we're still concerned that we haven't shown the consistency there that I would like. But again, it's hard to show consistency when guys are going in and out of the lineup hurt and not being able to practice. The big guys have done about what we thought. We thought we'd be pretty solid up front and they've done that so far."

With Ginyard and Graves not playing tonight, is that more to get them ready for the ACC season's start on Sunday?
"No, neither one of them could play tonight. If we were playing Virginia Tech tonight, neither one of them would play. Now I'm hopeful that by Sunday maybe one of them – and I couldn't even guess which one it would be right now – but I think there's a chance by Sunday that one of them could play, but I really don't know."

How much longer do you have to wear your brace?
"Tonight's the last game, guys. I'll be about the happiest person around. They're allowing me to go without it right now. They want me to keep it on around crowds and during the game one more time. One thing it does when it's on, just like early this morning, I reached for the door and tried to pull the door open and I didn't have the brace on, so you sort of don't think about it a little bit and it was not a comfortable feeling when I started pulling on the door. So the brace is probably just as much to help me from hurting myself as it is an obvious sign that somebody should not come up and slap me on the shoulder and ask me how I'm feeling."

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