UNC-CC: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Ed Davis and Larry Drew, who spoke to the media following Monday's 82-79 overtime loss to the College of Charleston.

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Opening remarks:
"I really like Bobby Cremins, but I don't like him as much as I do my team. I feel very good for Bobby and his program. We're about as low as we can be right now. We didn't make plays down the stretch. We had some opportunities. I think we got one stop out of the last five or six possessions down the stretch and we didn't make any shots the last five possessions, I think, on our offense. You know, we only had five fouls. We're trying to foul at the end there and I think it was Goudelock that made the 3 to tie the game up. We had switched the screens because they were hurting us, so we started switching the screens. Deon was on him and we were screaming to foul, but it's my job to get us to know what we're supposed to do in practice every day and we haven't worked on it enough.

"And then we're down three and we take it to the basket and try to shoot a lay-up, and that's not smart either. Again, that's the coaches' fault. I've got to do a better job to make sure the kids understand time and score. It's not always just the opponent you're playing, it's the time of the game, it's the score of the game. We've got to understand what's going on a heck of a lot better out there. But it was a great college basketball atmosphere. We thought we could get them in foul trouble and we did, but we never got it finished… We shot free throws great during one stretch and then all of a sudden, we're making one out of two the last three or four minutes.

"[Goudelock] made a big-time shot. We made a silly play to put him in that opportunity, but still, he's got to step forward and make the play. He made a big-time shot. We didn't shoot the ball very well. Look at our stats and Marcus Ginyard is our most effective three-point shooter, percentage-wise, and Will Graves makes more than anybody else, but the bottom line is that it was North Carolina playing against the College of Charleston. And who we had in the game are the guys we have to play and they've got to make some shots themselves. It doesn't feel good for us right now. It's a tough night for us, but we've got to bounce back and be smarter and more effective."

On using this loss as a positive moving forward:
"We've got to learn from it – we have no choice. We really don't. We've just got to get healthy and have got to get our seniors making the right plays and get the junior healthy so he can play and got to make plays."

Are you seeing the leadership that you hoped that would see at this point in the season?
"Not from the head coach, because I've got to coach them better. They've got to understand that you're three points down and [you've] got five fouls. We're screaming and yelling and doing everything, but we didn't get it done, so we're not getting the correct coaching."



On UNC's fourth road loss of the season:
"It's a tough loss, especially going into the ACC. We just have to strap it up and get ready to play."

On the College of Charleston's late run:
"Basketball's a game of runs. We made our run; they made their run. They made the last run and we really couldn't withstand it, so it hurt us."

More on the game:
"This was a great test for us, coming in and playing Charleston at their place. It was sold out. It was the biggest game in their history. We just didn't get the outcome that we wanted. But that's life."



On UNC not fouling Goudelock on his game-tying 3-pointer:
"I knew [how many team fouls we had]. We should've fouled him. Coach said he was screaming to foul him. It's really hard to hear people in an environment like that, so the one guy guarding him, you have to know to foul him. We don't really work on late game situations."

On the design of the final play of the game:
"Ed was throwing a baseball pass to me on the other side of the court. I got two double screens to curl to the other side for a catch and shoot."

Coach Williams said this team was about as low as it could get right now. Do you agree with that?
"Wouldn't you? Yeah. I don't think right now… We've just got to play better."

Is there something different going on during these road games?
"We've just got to play better. That's all it comes down to. I mean, I missed a ton of shots out there. We've just got to make shots and make stops. [We've] got to manage the game better – that's on me."

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