Monday Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke with reporters Monday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

How was Marcus Ginyard's ankle on Monday morning?
"He feels good. He said he feels better than he even thought he would feel, so I think that he should be fine."

On the players catching on:
"The frustration that I've had this year is repeating the same thing over and over and the kids are understanding that part and they are understanding that we're holding them accountable. I think as long as we do hold them accountable and they do the little things that we think are so important, it's going to help our team. I think we have that meaning across to them. They've accepted it. They understand it. That doesn't mean our job is over with – we should always be able to give them more information and continue to teach them and coach them, but right now, we've given them a lot of information and it's up to them to be accountable for taking it and using it during a game."

What are the benefits of having local guys like Reggie Bullock committed to your program that can visit often?
"It helps in building those relationships. You get to know them a heck of a lot better, they know you a heck of a lot better [and] they know what you expect. They're around the locker room to see how you act and they're around the locker room to see how the current players act. They're making judgments on whether its good or bad and you're emphasizing what is good and what's not good. So I think building relationships but also just understanding what goes on.

"And then another part that I think is good is that they see how physical the game is. They see how demanding it is for your stamina, how hard you have to work and I think probably more than anything, it's just opening their eyes to how hard you have to work to be successful at this level."

Does it feel like Reggie Bullock has been around forever?
"He has been to several games – there's no question about that. I think each and every time he learns something. We're anxious to get him here, but we hope that between now and when he does arrive that he wins a heck of a lot of games and so do we."

On UNC's late spurt against Virginia Tech and how that's been rare this season:
"We've had teams that can really make significant runs and [score] quite a few points in a short period of time. So far this year, this team has not been able to do it. The common thread is always just when the shots go in. Everything looks better when the shots go in. I do believe that we have a team that is going to shoot the ball well, we just haven't done it that often in games this year. We did it against Michigan State in the first half and did it last night in the second half, but the nights that we make the shots, we can really be a good basketball team. But we've got to develop more consistency.

"Last year, if Danny [Green] was a having a little off-night, Wayne [Ellington] probably wasn't. Or if Wayne was having an off-night, Danny or Ty [Lawson] were not. If they were all off, then we had Tyler [Hansbrough] inside. We had so many very good scoring options, and so far this year we haven't had that kind of thing, particularly from the outside. But I do believe we are going to be a good shooting team. I think we'll shoot a good percentage, but we've just got to work on determining what is a good shot and what's a bad one. Our shot selection at times is not quite what we would like for it to be."

On how coaching has changed over the years:
"When I was a young assistant, Coach [Dean] Smith was the head coach, so I thought head coaching was pretty easy then. I let him do all of it. But it's changed a great deal in the 22 years that I've been a head coach. There are just so many more demands on your team. It's just not recruiting. Recruiting is always a major emphasis for you, but just the media and the alumni things, fundraising, just the things away from the court take up so much more of my time now than they did 22 years ago.

"And to me, that's one of the biggest things that's changed as a head coach, that you have so little time to actually prepare your team and you have so little time to study the tapes so that you can do the best job that you can possibly do. I still say, and I really believe this, that is was all of the things off the court that made Coach Smith stop when he did. I think if it had just been the coaching part of it, he would have stayed around longer."

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