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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the difficulty of playing on the road:
"It feels great when you get one of those road wins. We'd like to get one about 48 hours from now at a very difficult place. We haven't played as well on the road this year as we have in the six previous years and we need to get a little confidence, get over the hump and see if we can get one on the road. Then I think good things can really happen."

How does it feel to be a grandparent?
"It's fantastic. The boy's a smart kid. He's punctual. He's organized. He knows what's going on. The due date was Jan. 1 and he was born on Jan. 1. They called us between 6:30 and 7:00 and we got to the hospital and about 45 minutes after that we got there and he was born. I walked in and he said, ‘Hey Pops.' It was really a neat deal for us. We both took off – took two cars. Got to Charlotte and like I said, he was born just a little bit after we got there. You guys know me – I'm as corny as the day is long. Scott came down and got both sets of grandparents and said, ‘You guys want to go see your grandchild?'

"He didn't tell us anything, so I was sort of hanging back a little bit. We walked in and he was in Katie's arms and Katie said, ‘Do you want to come say hello to your grandson – Aiden Allen Williams?' And I got teary-eyed and I turned around and walked out. I turned around and walked over to the door and let everybody else have a look before I came over… Allen is my middle name and it's Katie's father's first name. So it's a neat little deal."

On Dean Smith not minding players having big games against him as long as they shot a poor percentage:
"Yes, as long as you get him to shoot a bad percentage. If he normally shoots 45 percent, try to keep it below that. If he shoots 55 percent, keep it below that. And that's the same way I feel. I've had a guy score 47 against us, 43 against us, 45 against us and 41 against us. It didn't bother me in the least – we won every one of those games. One of them was guarded by Jerod Haase, so you can talk to Jerod about that the next time you see him.

"We played Oklahoma State the last game of the regular season. We win, we're conference champions. They win, they're conference champions. And they had ‘Big Country' Bryant Reeves. Bryant had scored 30 against us at Oklahoma State. And I said, ‘He has proven that he can beat us, so we're going to stop him and see if the other guys can beat us.' So it was an unbelievable defensive exhibition. Bryant Reeves, who was the fifth player taken in the NBA Draft that year, was first-team all-conference and first-team All-American and scored zero [points] against one of my teams at Kansas. Zero. And we did a great job. We had people in his lap and his hair, we had everybody everywhere.

"Now, Randy Rutherford got 45. And Jerod was supposed to be guarding him... It is something that you try to take away some of the good things that the best player does and hope that he still takes shots, hopefully bad shots to keep his percentage down. Tyrese Rice at Boston College a couple of years ago just lit us up like crazy, but over the course of the game it's hard to do that if you keep fresh people going at him."

On Tyler Hansbrough's recent court absence and his dealing with vertigo:
"Tyler Hansbrough, believe it or not, had some extra wax in his ears, got an ear infection and ended up having a mild case of vertigo, which I just hate because I've had that. I'd rather have shoulder surgery again. I swear to goodness. That's the worst thing in the world. His world has been turned upside down for a little over a week now. It hasn't been very pleasant for him at all… I have benign positional vertigo. I've had eight episodes in the past 12 years and there's nothing worse. I don't care what it is.

"I had one the third day of practice this year. A pass was made across [the court] and I was standing about three feet away and [Dexter Strickland] deflected it and the ball hit me right in the head. And for about 10 seconds I'm laying down on the ground. And you're whole world is spinning. You don't know if you're up or down and I'm trying to feel the ground as I fall. Luckily, Wanda was there and dropped down to the trainer one of the pills that's helped in the past. So I went off the court and told the assistants to keep practicing, went in there and threw up, waited about a half hour and threw up again. The next day I was fine. But sometimes they last a lot longer. Those are just not fun."

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